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Deviantart 17 Birthday - A Psychic or something by Ponaw Deviantart 17 Birthday - A Psychic or something :iconponaw:Ponaw 6 1 Drowned and drowning in imagination by Ponaw Drowned and drowning in imagination :iconponaw:Ponaw 3 6
Mind if I Might find?
    I stand beside you at the border. Overlooking the land I might bring salvation. Might. It is a word of dual meanings. I might bring them salvation. And Might is what took my family from me. My land and my life from me.
    Your people beyond the border are oblivious to the Might. The ability some have to strengthen their bodies. To be strong beyond human nature. To lose their Minds to the powers within.
    The Might spawned war when it was first discovered and used. So people banned its use. But time passed and memories turned to history. History turned to legend. And after a thousand years it was barely a whisper of a past long gone.
    I do not know why, but the Might started reappearing. It had never been gone, just forgotten. No one used it. But one day people took to using it again, oblivious yet to the terror they would unleash.
    I did not have the Might. But my second youngest daughter had. Alice
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Pseudo-Prologue - Valiance
    It stretched out in front of her. An empty canvas. A canvas to build herself on. She didn’t know why she was a girl. But it felt heroic, and that was what mattered.
    Just being a girl in itself wasn’t sufficiently heroic, she needed to look the part as well. Bulking up the body, strengthening it until it could stand for itself in any battle. She knew she would. She created herself an armour of shining silver, with a blue cape slung from her shoulders. Her fair, golden hair fell just past her shoulders, with a stray strand cutting her face in two. Her eyes were brilliant blue, like the clearest summer sky, or the deepest depths of the ocean, sliding from one to the other as her temper rose and fell, emotions came and went.
    She was the coming hero. She knew she would prove herself as soon as she found a worthy enemy. She’d be the hero of ages, the greatest hero the world would ever see. It was her destiny. She
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Pseudo-prologue - Morg
    It stretched out in front of him. An empty canvas. A canvas to build himself on. He felt like being male. What he would consider the perfect male appeared before him. It didn’t feel like him at all.
    He put a little weight on. Then a little more. Then even more. Then he considered it. He was about as wide as he was tall. It didn’t feel like him either. He wanted to be able to move on his own accord, he wished to experience the world as much as seeing it. So he took of most of the weight until all left was a little hanging over the belt.
    His face and his height was too perfect. So he bent his nose a little to the left. Then just broke it, setting it at a completely unnatural angle. Then he pulled himself up ten centimetres or so. Then another five. Slightly overweight people always seemed short of stature, so why should he? He felt like being tall. It was new, but felt oddly familiar. Then he went back to his face. Shad
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Pseudo-prologue - Hippe
    It stretched out in front of him. An empty canvas. A canvas to build himself on. He looked beyond it.
    He could sense an overwhelming energy flowing, just outside of the grasp of his mind. He wanted to be part of it. And he knew he would be. He just needed to be able to see a little more of it. He could barely glimpse the outermost part of a strand of a hair growing somewhere. If he could only see the whole strand his mind would be able to reach out to it. He just knew it.
    He took his coal shoulder length hair and curled up the ends. Then he picked seven strands around his head and made them each a colour of the rainbow. His eyes he left seeming dreamy. They saw beyond the physical, barely glimpsing it with a sliver of the eye. Most of his gaze was directed at the under- and overlaying flows of energy spreading out around him.
    He put on a long garment, covering up his whole body. It didn’t have any particu
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Mature content
Pseudo-prologue - Red :iconponaw:Ponaw 1 4
Night and Light: Shadow of change
A girl lay dead in her bed in the other room. There was no external or internal signs of damage. When a doctor arrived, he would just shrug and mumble “Shadow” or “Darkness”. He would be right if he said Shadow. That is what I am. A small, forgettable shadow. Susceptible to light, living of emotions.
The girl back in the other room had feed me for days without knowing it. Until I was so strong that she had sensed my presence. I had to leave her, lest she would have gone to a Lightwielder and had him take care of me. Or killed me, in words more straightforward. Thus, I had to leave. And in doing so, I risked killing her. Not that it bothered me, as I am just a scavenger. It is how I live.
I slid along the roof into the hallway and from there into another room. I was in an apartment building. Not preferable, lone houses often took longer time for people to arrive to if someone died. In apartment buildings, there could well be living a doctor, or D
:iconponaw:Ponaw 2 3
InHuman: Small steps
    Orion skidded easily down the winding paths in the town. He did not need to walk, but he still walked out of habit. And it required less. As he approached the walls he scanned over them. They were in no way fortifications, more definitions of the town’s borders. They had been built little over half a century before, by Orion’s grandfather, Relomix, master and wielder of the four elements. The town it surrounded was a trading hub, shaped like a horseshoe around a piece of the ocean, and centrally located compared to all the great kingdoms.
    Telekinetically opening a smaller door in the wall, some distance away from one of the three major gates, Orion walked out, relieved not to have to press through the crowds flowing in and out of the town.
     Orion made his way through the forest lying some fifteen minutes away from town. He gently pushed open a path, careful not to startle any animals laying around. He stil
:iconponaw:Ponaw 1 5
    Buildings rose tell at both sides of the road. There was nothing special about them, they were just like any other block of apartments. My overcoat flapped around me as I strode down the dark street, lit only by the stars far above. The vile malicious stars above. My bare feet could feel every bump and stone in the road. Sulivan was somewhere else, as was obvious with the hour.
    He had told me that wandering  alone for some time would do me good, prepare me for what was to come. Deep down I knew he was right, but that barely made it more bearable. Thinking of his aged, beardy face almost made me smile. Little did I know how many times I would end up doing that.
    I looked around at the sleepy apartments around me, whose peace was only broken by the occasional light from someone going to the bathroom. None of them were rich in any way, that much was obvious, but none of them were poor either. They likely pitied th
:iconponaw:Ponaw 2 7
As she screamed, raw power was blasting out of her. It was so powerful that it blasted the skin from the bones of those standing in front of it. Even those not directly was left as just skeletons as she stopped.
She waggled for a bit, then she fainted.
When she woke up, the first thing that meet her eyes were black-burned skeletons. Burned to crisp.
Then she noticed something rather odd. Sitting on a skeleton, was a long, slim blue cat, with two tails.
"Ne’er thought ya wa gonna wake up" it said
Unable to do anything, she simply nodded, both to the exclamation and to the fact that the cat was speaking.
"T’was weird to look at," it continued "after tha thing just turn’d those guys fro’ thugs to bones, you started wagling all, and suddenly, from those corpses those, like a similar blast came back and blasted right into ya. Ya just the feel backwards and then been laying there all since"
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Alt. take on The Hunger Games
    Letting my gaze sweep across the field, I made up my mind. I was going for the Cornucopia. Laying behind the tail of the golden horn was half-dozen knives. Just my preferred size. As if laid there with me in the thoughts, they were a tempting sight.
    Gong! The loud boom of sound indicating our time to leave the metal platforms. I was off. Sprint was not my preferred type of running, but no one else seemed to aim for my knives. Ha, even before catching them I thought of them as mine.
    Laying five blades steadily in my right hand, I spun and threw the one in my primary hand at a boy, piercing his back. I had not bothered even learning where he was from, but in front of him was someone I had. The girl from District 12, the Girl on Fire or something. I could not, however, recall her name, some kind of flower or something. But that was not important. With a small pirouette, I flung the knife toward her fleeing back.
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Beam Me Up: Prequel
     A brilliant white flash. Or it would have been, had not the world around been too brilliantly lit up already. She looked around, almost seeming puzzled. After blinking to adjust her eyes to the intense artificial lighting, she could make out the outlines of a street. A muggy, trashy backstreet lit by an unseen force.
    Her black long robes was as effective at blending in amongst the colourful dresses and suits as an obese man at a gym for super athletes. The pastel, colour changing, meter long, oval cylinder on her back did not help on the obscurity front either. She could almost feel the people’s gazes on her neck. With a determined stride, she aimed for the building towering the already tall houses on all sides of the streets.
    Despite her stride seeming determined to all the onlookers, anyone who had known her long enough would see that it was an act. Had there only been anyone who had known her that long. As she skip
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Haunted by Ponaw Haunted :iconponaw:Ponaw 3 0 Valentine Tomato by Ponaw Valentine Tomato :iconponaw:Ponaw 1 2 Yay, animated by Ponaw Yay, animated :iconponaw:Ponaw 3 10

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Artist | Student | Literature
I'm Norwegian, and I currently reside in Norway. Surprise! Then that is out of the way.

I also would not like to publicly display my name. That out of the way too.
Some people know my name, and if you want to know it, just ask. I'll let you know if I feel I know you well enough.

Seeing as I'm not an artist, my gallery does not contain too many of my own drawings. However, I am very fond of writing, so my gallery have some of that.
In fact, one could go as far as to say I love writing. It's what I would love living of.

I also run. I would not say I'm talented when it comes to it, because I believe that we are all Born To Run. (By Cristhopher McDougal. Read the book, it's great.)

Please, don't watch me unless you actually care for what I do. I would rather have I or II active watchers than CCCIƆƆƆ inactive!

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