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Hey guys, sorry I don't post often to da or fa anymore I now run 2 accounts, twitch stream and make lots of goodies! I will still spam post here occasionally, but If you want to follow + support my work these are the best places to do so: Twitter: @ fabuponah - main account/commissions/furry art https://twitter.com/FabuPonah @ wotterdoodle - store account/cute stuff/patreon https://twitter.com/wotterdoodle Instagram: (not as active as twitter) @ fabuponah and @ wotterdoodle Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/fabuponah I stream 4+ times a week, both games and art! I also do $5-8 doodle streams every Friday with occasional giveaway streams for milestones! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/wotterdoodle I have a patreon for my merch account where I post early access stuff and have a monthly sticker club! I now have the stuff to make my own stickers so I will be offering patreon exclusive stuff separate from my store
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apologies for disappearing for the most part the new deviantart is just really broken in terms of usability for me, a lof of features that i liked and made the site easy to use are gone everything is so big and in your face with no customizability and it stresses me out I have so much art from the last year that i have posted to twitter and such that I just havent put here including my newest sona I should try and post them here sometime, most were just on my ipad and posting from ipad to da is pain, so i have to upload them to my pc first and ive just been too lazy sorry ill try and post some stuff now, so enjoy a mini spam but if you want to see the majority of my stuff I suggest you follow me on twitter @ fabuponah
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I moved all my adopts and old characters I have left for sale here: https://sta.sh/2388hbsv6wj comment or dm if any interest you
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Would like to interact with the chat again. Miss interacting with the chat and streamer on stream. Please consider unbanning me from your twitch chat, so that I can interact with you and your chat.

aaaa i love your art style sooo much!! <3

what do you use to make your pixels?

Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for the watch! ;; I appreciate it a ton! I didn't know you had dA, watching back cause I love your art so much!

ahh no prob, saw you in the livestream and your art is cute.

Da is where i started but now i hardly use it ;; the change isnt my cup of tea

Oh I see, surprised I never noticed in the livestream cause I was busy. I followed you on insta cause that was the only site I knew you were on.

The changes are too much honestly. :'c it's making a bit complicated as it already is with the notifications.

aa thank you for the watch back! i love your art and i appreciate it <3