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FO4 Mechanist Complete

Finally got to beating the Fallout 4 Automatron DLC and now starting on Far Harbor. Keep pumping out them DLCs Bethesda :3

PS: I freaking love the Mechanist and the overall aesthetics and color scheme of this simple yet pretty awesome DLC.
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I don't know what you chose to do, but i chose to spare her, and i showed her the truth about the harm
she was doing. I'd be such a waste to have to kill someone so brilliant and with a good heart.
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She's an idiot for using convicts & killers for robobrains in the first place.
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I don't recall seeing anything about that during my playthrough of the automaton dlc, mind sharing your source?
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That video is a theory about the robobrain nicknamed Jezebel, still nothing
that pinpoints that the mechanist used criminal minds in the robobrains.
Honestly, for all we know, she used the resources that were already availble,
including brains, to build her robobrain, there are plenty lying around in
the facility where you confront her, and said facility has been around for some
time before she occupied it.
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Okay, but even still, there is no way she could've known that the brains belonged to criminals (only some though),
so it's really not her fault.
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Hey, you're the one who made the accusation, i just debunked it.

Also, can you not garble your links up next time.
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