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:bulletpink: Any couples consisting of 3 or more ponies! (WLW, MLM, and otherwise)
:bulletpink: Canon Characters, OCs, and Canon/OC are all allowed!
:bulletpink: Fankids of any couple of 3 or plus
(Even if they were born with only 2 biological parents in mind, if they have 3+ parents then they'll be accepted)
:bulletpink: Poly Shipping Stamps/Banners/Ect
:bulletpink: Fanfictions including or about Polyamorous couples!

:bulletblack: No Incest or Pedophilia ships allowed. I do not want to see that or be associated with people who draw that.
:bulletblack: Aged Up aren't allowed either.
(Meaning even if you age up a foal to 18+ to be with a adult(s), it will not be accepted!)
:bulletblack: Submit things to it's rightful folders, if you accidentally submit it to the wrong one. Please tell me and I'll right the wrong.

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for all your mlp poly couple needs. anything from 3+ couples. main six or background. oc or canon. i dont care i just wanna see them poly ponies
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ShyHandArt Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a Pinkie x Cheese generic romantic ship, but theyre both in a QPP with Pokey Peirce , would that count? Sorry for the inconveinence, I'm not even a member of the group,,
PonyRasmeii Featured By Owner May 31, 2019  Student General Artist
Waiiiit... So I have a few drawings with a Sunset Shimmer x Spike kid, with Spike being OBVIOUSLY a grown-up when this happens (bc it happens YEAAARS after the actual series).... But in the end Sunset ends up with Tempest, leaving the child having technically two moms and a dad...

Does that mean that Spike is considered an "aged up" character and that I can't join here with this fankid? :/
Iesbeans Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2019
This is a pretty late reply because I couldn't get to this, but yes it's not allowed due to the fact that A) it's a aged up pedophilic ship (Spike, a baby. Being in a relationship with a adult, whom he's known since he was a baby). I don't really care that it's 'years later' it's still gross that a adult is getting together with someone who they've known since they were BARELY a pre-teen.

And two, that's not a polyamorous relationship, that's a divorced couple with the child having two mothers and one dad in a separate situation. A polyam relationship is when a certain person is either dating two or more people or a group of 3 or more people dating each other.
PonyRasmeii Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2019  Student General Artist
It's okay, I wasn't pressuring you or anything. ^^

Not to be rude or anything but I still can't get a grip of how you can call this a pedophilic ship. My uncle known my aunt since she was actually a pre-teen (he was 21 when she was 13) but they ended up together when she was 22 so there's no pedophilia intent from my uncle. :/ I do believe that as long as there's not attirance when someone is still a child, there's no problem. (And of course my uncle was not even considering dating my aunt in the first place, it's only because they met years after and because she was adult that it worked. And this very case happens A LOT...)

Like if Spike was underage when having a child with an adult in some ships, I would obviously riot...

But anyway, I guess I can't really change your opinion on this.

Ooh I see, so a divorced couple like this doesn't work here, I just wanted to make sure. I have actually some REAL poly ships with kids so I might come back here when I have some drawings of them! :)
Iesbeans Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2019
That example doesn't exactly sound good? I mean, you never know if there's attraction or not? It turns into a 'WHEN did they start having attractions? When they turned 18 or when they were a child' there's just a lot of bad implications with aging up child characters to date. Like with Rarity/Spike everyone ALWAYS turns to the 'Oh she waited until he turned 18!' but that's just... wrong? That becomes a 'barely legal' thing you see in a lot of like stuff where it's the girl's 18th birthday and suddenly older men have attractions to her because she's 'legal now'. The problem with ships with the M6 and Spike is that they watched him grow up since he was a baby dragon to a full grown adult dragon. Twilight/Spike is wrong because she literally raised him SINCE BIRTH, Spike is literally her brother and someone she considers to be her son as well! RariSpike or any others with Spike is wrong because they watched a "baby dragon", someone they've acknowledged to be a baby or a young child, grow up and then in these situations go "Now that he's 18 and totally attractive now, I want to date him", it becomes that situation of "When did the attraction start? As son as he hit 18 or when he was a teenager?" Because they're both wrong, it may be 'legal' now, but the implications are wrong.

Like say it was in real life, a older man (lets say 25) is friends with his friend's daughter/sister that's a pre-teen (10-12) and sticks around, has a personally connection with this girl and watches this girl grow up and mature into a now 18 year old girl, with him being in his early 30s. Now he sees the girl as attractive and now decides it's his time to start dating the girl. A 30 year old man dating a 18 year old girl may be "legal" but it's immorally wrong. That's how it looks for Rarity/Spike or Sunset Shimmer/Spike, or any mane 6/Spike. Even if he was 20, or 21, or something like that- it still stands. If Rarity or Sunset Shimmer or anyone is WAITING for him to become a adult to start dating, they haven't date anyone else or even tried pursuing someone else, they're waiting for Spike to become a adult, that's really fucking bad.
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MoonlightTheGriffon Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't want to sound like I'm begging but here's some poly stamps I have made, if you feel like adding them. ^^'

Flutterraricord Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon    Shiningmacdence Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon    Gilretpie Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon

Stylunpst Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon    Partymarblecord Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon   Pinkiesoarax Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon

Poly Pie Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon  Polyamorous Smolder by MoonlightTheGriffon
Iesbeans Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018
sure! though if you're a member of the group, you can always submit them into the group yourself ^v^
Piratecat102 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
What is a poly?
Goatpaste Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
A relationship involving three or more people in a concerned way
Like three people all together
Or two people togeather an they have other relations on the side
It varies
But as long as it involves three or more in a relationship they've all agreed to then its poly
Piratecat102 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016
ooohhh thank you so much!
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