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draco 02

By polyphobia3d
a dragon i did earlier this year for my tutoring class at MdH Berlin, i was showing the students my workflow for mesh creation within zBrush, retopo and unwrapping in 3d coat and detailing/texturing within zbrush.

It is based on a concept by the most awesome Laurel "Tully" Austin.
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awesome design. really nice render as well. 
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Nice textures  ..!!
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Why using both tools, zBrush and 3D Coat?
because 3dcoat had the by far superior retopo tools back then, never tested newer zBrush versionsm, but from what i saw 3dcoat still is better for this.
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Yes, but ZRemesher is awesome.
if you don't care much about topology, yes, for sculpting meshes it is great. For clean models that will be animated, not so much.
The time needed to clean up the result is often the same if not more than doing it properly.
But the development is great and it will be much better in a couple of updates.
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ouuuhhh.. is this BPR render? awesome :)
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Fantastic work!
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Great work, they must have learned quite a bit form this :)

I do wonder why it's so blurry, is it just the resolution, or something else?
Love the design on the jaw, it looks so funky :giggle:
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OMG! This dragon so adorable. So awesome design! I like it very much. :heart:

Man, can I study it? Make b&w sketch? Plzzzzzz

I think it`s the best head of the dragon I have ever seen.
ask Tully, its her design, not mine ;)
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haha :D

Ok, I made only b&w sketch for studying from that. What text I must put in the description? )
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This is a really awesome piece! :D
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LOVE this. Lots of character.
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Good design to pick, I could tell it was Tully from the avatar, great job.
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That looks pretty cool :-)
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