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Hypoxia 39

A bit of a change of pace for this chapter.
had trouble with it so minimal shading this time, but hopefully it's still enjoyable!
Yall ready for a gym battle?

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I feel like Pokemon really love battling. They mature by evolving, and they evolve (usually) by gaining experience, and that only happens through battles. Even if Pokemon did "level up" just by naturally aging, there's no denying the process happens faster through battling. So when they're not engaged in life-or-death battles (i.e. predator/prey) I like to think a lot of Pokemon just have casual fights not unlike play battling young creatures often go through when they're growing up (like wolves and foxes); it's also practice for when they have to make those do-or-die battles mentioned before. And with Pokemon being so important for humans in these worlds in the Poke-verse, I imagine most would be thrilled to have the chance to go along with a Trainer that can help them get stronger.

It doesn't always work out that way, no, and there is plenty of hurt and heartbreak along the way and especially so in nuzlocke versions. But ultimately it's different for when humans fight and when Pokemon fight. For us, getting into a fight is something we do out of anger or desperation and we just end up hurt and that's it. But for Pokemon, it's the best way for them to grow up, so a part of them must enjoy and feel rewarded at the chance to fight - it's the best way for them to mature and ultimately live and create the next generation. At least that's how I see it.

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Makes sense!

Though Evolution plays no role in how mature a pokemon is in this world. Example being mama sentret in chapter one is greying and old, but still just a sentret!

But definitely! Pokemon can evolve on their own and fighting amongst themselves, usually for the experience and training like you mentioned (like the wolves and foxes), but it definitely does help if they are fighting stronger adversaries in as safe an environment as possible, thus the gyms, which have less casualties than pokemon in the wild (from either being prey, fighting for survival, and accidents during practice fights). But thanks for the comment! It's always fun to see how other people interpret the poke word!

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Woo yea we're nerding out! :D

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I feel like I need to comment on the hoodie change but like

This place *would* have clothes shops, wouldn't it? in real life. The videogame is not an accurate representation of the needs of ordinary people.

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Yup! Def true! That and I feel drawing the same outfit all the time the entire way through would get old and boring. Like shaking it up a bit, among other reasons.

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Tell me about it. I mean where are all the bathrooms? The only place I ever saw any was that ritzy hotel in X/Y. They're suspiciously absent everywhere else.

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this is heartbreaking

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Poor baby boy uwu

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that sure is a healthy perspective to have on your purpose in life

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It sure is :'3

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