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I've lurked and occasionally contributed to a number of polyhedra groups over the years. Robert Webb's name keeps coming up.

He frequently contributes images of his polyhedra models. Many diverse models, all very well done.

And I hear his name from other polyhedronists who submit photos of models made with nets from Webb's software.

Besides sharing eye candy, polyhedra groups sometimes have abstract mathematical discussions. Again, Webb's software is often cited. His apps are useful not only for making models but also study of polyhedra and polytopes in higher dimensions.

I wish I could tell you more about Webb's apps but they're made for the Windows platform and I use a Mac. But I urge any polyhedra enthusiast to check out his work and if you use a Windows computer to download his programs.

Robert's website: From this website you can download software, view galleries of polyhedra models by Robert as well as folks that use his software.

The Stella4D Facebook page:

And I uploaded a couple of Robert's pics to Deviant Art:…

Hope the Polyhedronists here enjoy Webb's work as much as I do.

Hop David
evilskills Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Amazing, thanks for sharing this jewel.
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Submitted on
December 24, 2014