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Do not redistribute my work!
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UPDATE 2020: AS of 2020, I am disabling all model downloads as people continue to misuse my work and disregard the rules. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope those that do have the model data do not redistribute it, and respect my wishes for the work I've created.


-No edit

-No Redistribution

-No taking parts from the model

-No taking texture maps from the model

- No 'trading' the model

- MMD only

- Must remain as it's intended initial character at all times.

- No Derivative Works

- No R18+ / NSFW Useage of my models or associated data or imagery

- You are not allowed to use as your own OC. This includes renaming, or any kind of editing.

- Do not import into Other Softwares (Blender, VR Chat, Vroid, FaceRig, and all softwares other than MMD are NOT PERMITTED)

I am heartbroken that I even have to state these things or beg others to respect my work, as it should be fairly obvious that my models are meant to be unique individual pieces, most of which are PAID COMMISSION WORK, and that editing the model data is disrespectful to me as the artist, and to the client that paid for the work.

Please encourage others to be kind and respectful. And Please understand that 3D modeling should be treated with the same respect that Illustration and other artworks are given - not to be edited, stolen, recolored, altered or turned into derivatives. Thank you for your time, and I hope everyone can go on to have a good time despite 2020's difficult challenges.

If you have any questions about HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN 3D MODELS, or about rules of my work please check out my FAQ journal!

- - - - - -

An amateur 3D model artist!

Hello, I am known as PolygonCount. I am a North american 3D modeling artist who creates models for use in MMD.I model in the program Metasequoia ver 3.16 and do my textures in Photoshop. Im always experimenting and trying to make newer and better models as I keep working.

Most of the work in my gallery are personal or commissioned models.

Lately I have been prone to reoccurring wrist pain, caused by working for prolonged hours of the day on models, or artwork. As such, my activity can be rather slow at times and commissions are often closed.

If you are interested in a commission, please keep an eye out on my Journals, as I always post one if I'm going to take commissions!

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Hi do you plan on making/porting a model of new Agent 3 from Splatoon 3? I can't find an MMD model of her anywhere, and I need one for a video I'm planning on making.

Dude, this account is inactive. He doesn't post here anymore.

It's the year 2023, and ALL I WANT is a decent Aoba Seragaki model. Alas, the ONLY ONE I've found on the entire internet (somehow?) no longer can be downloaded. A crying shame, if you ask me.

The fact that this person below me (who is now banned) thinks that you shouldn't tell others what to do clearly doesn't know what they're talking about. They obviously don't know anything about the MMD community, or how many times people there will just ignore basic rules and do whatever they want, upsetting many creators. The harsh truth is, nobody really cares about the rules for MMD models.

And if I remember correctly, I don't think that you ever put out your models of the Inklings out for download. You literally can't trust anyone these days. That's why I would try to whitelist people who I can fully trust to use the models that I make.

Why disable the download of your Inklings? Just because people break rules? That's just characters. They are not your children for you to set rules for how people should use them. 🖕🏻😠

LMAO you would be totally fucked as of 2021 as EMM would let people rip anything you make. Making avatars as a business is officially done, and I'm kind of glad as it was a weird status thing for a long ass time.

Why can't people just follow the rules? Then developer won't have to take down the download links! I think people just ruins the experience for other people, so they can just laugh in our faces for not getting the models in time.