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It's been a while since our last journal here, but in this instance it's something that could be a massive game changer. Like a lot of people, we have seen the Devious Dreams journal that Deviantart are doing. Personally I think it's brilliant, and it's great to see them giving this opportunity.

We have already put our entry in, but I really wanted to offer a plea on  behalf of everyone who has worked for us. If we can get this funding, it will allow us to do so much more. Our big plan is to launch Reynard City Chronicles Issue 2 at London MCM this October, and to be able to do that and give our artists more money for their work would be incredible.

But it's more than that- I want to give back too. Ideally, I would want Reynard City to be self sustained through sales, sponsorship etc. Funding like this is exactly what we need, so any support would be appreciated. I will be doing more promo on this, because this is something we have worked on for years, and with the new graphic novel series we are taking it to the level people want from us.

If we can get this going, I promise here and now to give back more in terms of commissions, Patreons, Ko-Fis etc. I already do this when I can, because I know what it's like to struggle when getting work out there. Big thanks to blademanunitpi and StriderSyd for the fantastic work they did on Reynard City Chronicles #1 (, JoeltheSwedishDragon  who is working on Issue 2 now (previews coming soon!) , John Paul Guerra for the comic videos and the forum, plus a whole group of awesome people who have worked on this project, so much so we have a Special Thanks playlist on Youtube-…
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Submitted on
March 29