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I can't count by two's or singles.
I can count by threes.
One is lonely, two is hardly,
And you can't count the feel of a breeze-
In numbers.
I can count my fingers
Twenty-seven is as far as I get.
But you can't count the air you breath
Or the price of your family-I bet.
Fractions-yeah, they're awful.
I can't do maths too well.
I can read three words at a time.
And do three times tables real swell.
I know fractions in thirds only.
Like eating a third of a pie,
I can't eat half, or an eighth.
I can't tell half a lie.
I draw three pictures at a time.
Think three things, all at the same-time
Only when it's got a three.
But you can't count the laughter,
The fun, the glee.
The me.
I've got three pillows on my bed.
And three pairs of shoes by the door.
I put three plates out for break-fast every morning
And not a plate one more.
I can't count the animals on Noah's Ark.
To me it's an empty boat.
It takes three to mean to me
Three to keep afloat-
In the torrid of life.
To survive all the strif
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Symbol Color 1 by talas Symbol Color 1 :icontalas:talas 10 2
The following is not meant to suggest that any relationship is perfect and free of issues, nor that any of us are perfect or free of issues.  The idea here is that if you know what tends to harm relationships and make them unhealthy, and what generally improves relationships and make them healthier, you can make better choices and know how to work towards improving your relationship and improving the chances of being together and loving each other for a very long time.
I see too many relationships where people feel trapped, financially unable to break up, or not emotionally able to break up. A person might have a fear of being alone, or feels dependent, or has become codependent, or loves a person who is abusive or not meeting their needs, can't let go, or their self-worth has suffered badly during the years of the relationship, etc. Worse yet, is when you still dearly love the other person, who does not love you any longer, and it feels impossible leave the person you love.
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We affiliate with other groups that support relationships, be they same-sex, opposite-sex, other-sex, asexual, monogamous, non-monogamous, "real," fictional, hypothetical, etc. Other affiliates support stopping stereotypes and being true to oneself.


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Polyamory FAQ

What is polyamory?
The word "polyamory" is based on the Greek and Latin for "many loves" (literally, poly many + amore love). A polyamorous relationship is a romantic relationship that involves more than two people. (From Xeromag.)

How is polyamory not cheating?
Cheating is breaking the rules; in a romantic relationship, a person cheats by breaking the rules set down by the individuals in the relationship. A monogamous society makes people think that exclusivity is automatically a rule in a relationship, when it does not have to be. When a woman tells a man they are exclusive and then starts dating another man without telling either man about the other, she's cheating. When a woman asks her boyfriend if she can date other people, he agrees to it, and then she starts dating someone else, and that person also knows about her boyfriend, that's polyamory.

Polyamory involves full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Cheating does not.

What is the difference between polyamory and polygamy?
Technically, legal issues. Polygamy is about being married to more than one person, while polyamory is just about having relationships with more than one person. When most people think of polygamy, they think of polygyny (one man with multiple wives) of the cult type, but...

Polyamory is not polygyny. Polyamory applies equally to everybody. In an ethical polyamorous relationship, the same opportunities are afforded to everyone, regardless of their sex. Polyamory is not about collecting a bunch of women for your harem. Polyamory is about sharing some part of your life and sharing your love with more than one other person--and your lovers sharing some part of THEIR lives and some part of THEIR love with more than one other person. Polyamory is not about "owning" your lovers and hiring an army of eunuchs to make sure they don't stray. (From Xeromag.)

This group is here to show support for polyamorous relationships, as well as other ethically non-monogamous relationships.
The group got a note asking for some dating advice.  Ah, the big question:  How to find a poly or poly-friendly person to date?

Where did you meet your partner(s)?  Where do you look for partners (if you actively look)?  What are your favorite dating sites or places to meet new people?
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