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Royal Mistresses


Aegon IV Targaryen Royal Mistresses : 

  • Falena Stokeworth, Cassella Vaith, Merry Meg 
  • Bellegere Otherys, Barba Bracken, Melissa Blackwood 
  • Betany Bracken, Jeyne Lothstone, Serenei of Lys.

The royal mistresses were an important challenge for me, because I needed to keep them all beautiful but without stripping them of their distinct features and characteristics. I wanted them to have their own individual charm rather than a bland generic-fantasy-elf-girl look. 

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Wow, I love it - especially Falena and Barba (she is exactly like I imagined her). I just wonder why Jeyne's eyes are so reddish? Maybe from crying, poor thing...
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Yes I imagine her very sad :<
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I feel like they are all so different but they are all so pretty in there own way and not all the girls in game of thrones are going to me a margary or a Dany but they seem like people you would see in the street 
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Je suis toujours très impressionnée par ta capacité à dessiner des personnages variés et expressifs, même quand ils ne sont pas "actifs" et ont une expression plutôt posée. Ca s'applique aussi à tes arbres généalogiques targaryens !

Kudo pour le "generic fantasy elf girl look", c'est d'autant plus vrai que l'artiste de WoIaF a aussi illustré l'univers du Seigneur des Anneaux... et qu'il n'y avait pas grande différence entre ses elfes et ses humains de Asoif ! J'aime beaucoup son style, cela dit, même si je ne pardonne pas les yeux bleus de Tywin (alors que s'il y a bien un trait constamment rappelé dans les bouquins, c'est leur couleur... verte !).
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Merci bien !
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this is wonderful!!!
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I never liked the official drawings of the royal mistresses. Too romance novel-esque. (Though not as cheesy as a lot of the R + L = J art, haha.) Tbh I think you drawing the mistresses with variety is closer to GRRM's style than the ones in TWOIAF. Melisandre, Daenerys, Arya, Roslin, Asha, etc are all beauties but their beauty and charm is each written different and that should also be true of the mistresses.  Even people who are very beautiful in a similar way, like Catelyn and Sansa don't look exactly the same which is why I like the drawings of the Bracken sisters. Aegon the Unworthy claimed to have slept with at least nine-hundred women so it makes a lot more sense anyway that his mistresses were different when he wanted a new one.
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Thanks a lot !
And yeah my goal was basically to think "what if they were cast in the show" ? Because the series does a great job at having very different looking actors, and for example both Marge and Cersei are beautiful, but one in a sneaky-charming way and the other in a greek-statue way. And all of them looks like they could come straight from a medieval time, with their (relatively low but still) imperfections and characteristics. So i had a couple of references of more or less known actresses (Cher for Falena, pornstar Mary Carey for Meg, Natalie Portman for Bethany etc) to keep on a realistic-yet-fantasy style.

Also I thought a lot about Aegon, like, the guy can basically get any girl he wants, but what kind of girl would he fall for ? Falena likely manipulated him, but in turn he manipulated Cassella, so both girls had to look diametrically opposed personality wise (one strong and one weaker), Meg is a peasant but a very eye-catching, sultry one, etc etc..They all needed to have something memorable, that would maked them distinct from the mass of women he could have. So yeah, unlikely that they were clone from each other :'D
You have succeded very well I think :)
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Thanks a lot !
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