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Expression Practice - Blank

Hello everybody !

I was preparing my next expressions practice session, that I plan to livestream soon (maybe tonight), and looking at it I was particularly proud of the genuineness of the refs I gathered !

I thought it would be a good tool for you people to practice on it, too !

Plus, there's Tom Hiddleston on it, so what else do you need.
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I think I have a problem with making faces too angular.

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I've been doubting my abilities as of late. I'd like to try this too. :)
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Oooooooh Hiddleston... :iconnosebleedgrinplz:
J'ai je-ne-sais-combien de croquis de lui sur mon ordinateur mais j'arrive jamais à le faire ressemblant TT^TT
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Allez, essaie encore ! :D
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J'ai peut être besoin de l'étudier de plus près... :iconhurrplz:
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May just do it for Hiddles xD
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He deserves it !
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Excellent, they will prove quite beneficial for reference.
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Oh cool! I may need to try this!
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Hehe, have fun ! :D
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Damn! I want to give this a try now T^T
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Hahah, have fun ! :D
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who's the sexy one at the top?
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She's a french TV presenter.
She's sexy, but she's a real shrew with reactionnaries political views (like : "videogames make children kill people"), that's why I found her real evilish/smug expression interesting. ^^
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There, finally, someone brought back her name to my memory : Natacha Polony.
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Good. I shaw go find more pictures of her and fap tonight.
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Sadly I forgot ^^; I would have written it if I had remembered...
If I come across it someday soon, I'll drop it here !
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