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Body Language Tutorial

Okaaaay guys ! It's finally here, my Body Language tutorial !
Like its title says, it's focused on posing and bodies, so I didn't develop much on face and expressions.
If you want another face chart or something, just tell me, tho there are already lots of good ones around here !

Hope it'll be useful !

Edit : I'm glad so many of you people like it ! If you wanna practice a bit I did an expression intensity blank meme ! !

Edit2 : And here are some expressions refs I gathered for you !
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The bit on body language will be very helpful, I have three or more characters i want to draw that spend a lot or all there time in masks, the mane things that's been stopping me from drawing them is how to show expressions when they don't have faces.
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This is really helpful! Thanks for making this!
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this is great,
but i cry with a straight face all the time
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Yeah, a straight, blushing, congested, tensed face :)
Silentheart11's avatar
i swear,
i don't remember a single moment where i cried so hard my face was tense and blushing
in fact i dont even remember blushing at all
yeah my face gets red because i try to hold my breath XD i only cry with a straight face when i dont want anybody to see or just being dramatic x3
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ok cool you're a Terminator, good for you.
Silentheart11's avatar
i give up, i dont know anymore
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Thank you for the tutorial! I like it when things are summed up and put out there like this. Some of the stuff I already knew and some i didn't, ether way its good to see this information, and it is a great refreshure for me now and will be later! :D
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oh my goodness, this all makes so much sense now! thanks a bunch for taking the time to make this; it's going to be super helpful!
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Glad it is !
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This is really helpful for fellow artists to make the artwork speak out more clear

Thanks a lot :D
This is an amazing lesson! I never thought about body language in my drawing before. Thank you so much!
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Glad you enjoyed :)
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...please be my sensei Q~Q
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Really informative. Thank you!
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Very welcome :)
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Thanks, glad to help :)
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I have a question: what do i do if my character has no face? Am i supposed to do the same minus face part or i should do something in addition?
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I believe it should stay the same, yes :)
You can express in his body if he's weak, strong, sly, confident, etc...You can also toy with his accessories (like a mask for hiding his lack of face, hats or stuff. And I guess when you have no face you try to be elegant with the rest of your clothes) but this has to come at the end of the process ^^
Charanty's avatar
I see now, thank you)
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