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I Have Been Weak

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Published: June 10, 2015
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dunno where this quote comes from, or who stated it.
there are a lot of variations, so i don't know which one is correct.
anyway, please enjoy! :)

still following the headcanon that peridot was attacked with a 
destabilizer, and now, she's not scared of it anymore because
what else could it possibly do to her?
clearing up that, goodnight, or good morning. lol i stayed up all
night, its 3:39 AM. XD

steven universe belongs to rebecca sugar,
and the quote belongs to it's respectful owner,
not me :)
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I can laugh 
because I’ve known sadness 
(Amythest idk)
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Question: Is the third panel calling Lapis brave because she formed Malachite?
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Oh god this sounds like the lyrics to an Emezie Okorafor somg
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BlacklightsaberStudent Digital Artist
Steven help them
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GalaxyGal-11Student General Artist
Love this
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Nega-The-Impmon9508Hobbyist General Artist
Actually Quite Inspirational... Um, But What's Peri Doing In The Second Panel??
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PoltergeistCat614Hobbyist General Artist
It's actually a theory that Peridot got her robotic
parts from the gem destabilizer. I just wanted to draw it out. :) 
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Nega-The-Impmon9508Hobbyist General Artist
Oh... Um, The New Episode Just Disproved That.

Though That Is Awesome.
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PoltergeistCat614Hobbyist General Artist
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Nega-The-Impmon9508Hobbyist General Artist


Is THAT A Weapon??
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Meboy251867Student Filmographer
No. It's a means of escape. Great for fires!
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Rugenkat000Hobbyist Artist
Daaaaaaang this got deep O-O
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sweetypie03Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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This just goes to show how great a character Steven is. He saved Lapis when he other gems wanted to hurt her and seriously boosted Pearl's confidence with one speech. No wonder he's my favourite character.

Awesome comic by the way.
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I find it interesting that the only “male” gem, is the most in touch with his “feminine” side. Steven isn’t afraid to express what he thinks or feels. And I think that’s Steven’s greatest strength. That he’s not afraid to show he’s “weak”.

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I also think it would be REALLY cool if you're right about what happens to Peridot. Granted I am fine with her staying a villain, she would still make a pretty awesome ally. Plus, she is enough of fan favourite that she could get her own redemption arc. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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I wouldn’t even really consider her a “villain”, she’s more of an “antagonist”. You know what I mean? It’s like, for example, in Adventure Time: the Lich is a villain, but the Ice King is an antagonist.

As for her redemption, your right, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the actual show. I also wish they would FINALY allow Lapis to join the team. I think she’s earned redemption.

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Yeah, she is the one who I want to become a crystal gem the most. She's been through way too much and she deserves to be treated fairly. Plus, considering how much water there is on Earth, she would probably be way more useful than Peridot.
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It would defiantly be an “adjustment” for either one, considering how hostile the Crystal Gems are.

While Lapis would definitely be more useful physically, I think Peridot would be very useful information wise. She probably understands the new Homeworld technology better, and knows what Yellow Diamond is planning.

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I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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KryingKrakenStudent Digital Artist
Seeing this while listening to www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8B45b… put me over the edge

sweet jesus i can't -
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AgentNumbuh227Hobbyist General Artist
This was cool and hearwarming and a little sad.
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I got super emotional at the second panel. God i love Space Dorito.

Pearl Emote 9 Pearl's panic attack PEARL FANGIRLS OVER SOMETHING (Now animated)   <== my immediate reaction, basically.

PS: it's seems you follow the Peridot's fingers being prosthetics theory. I follow it too.
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