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Wonder Housewife


Going from fan to beloved spouse is one brainwashing helmet away. And what could be better than a Wonder Wife?
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Love her housewife clothes.

FIRST PICTURE Wonder Woman: "What is this!? Let me go now and I swear I'll go easy on you." Villain: "You're in no position to make demands, Wonder Woman. I'm your biggest fan and I know that your golden lasso forces you to obey whoever binds you with it. This 'hair dryer' is actually designed to brainwash whoever sits under it. Do not try to resist." Wonder Woman: (speaking as the villain turns on the machine) "I don't care how big a fan you are. I'm going to....." SECOND PICTURE Wonder Woman: (speaking) "to.....uuuuuh....." (Thinking) "Merciful Merciful! Must...obey him! Can't...resist!" Villain: "This is what you're going to do, Wonder Woman. You're going to love cooking for me and sttipping for my pleasure." THIRD PICTURE Wonder Woman: "Yes, darling. I am programmed to love cooking you dinner! What would you like?" Villain: "Nothing fancy. I was thinking of meat loaf with mash potatoes and gravy and corn on the cob." Wonder Woman: "Sounds delicious! I will start immediately! FOURTH PICTURE Villain: "Is it time for dinner?" Wonder Woman: "Yes, dear. The table is all set and your dinner is ready." Villain: "Excellent! You will now strip for my pleasure while I enjoy this wonderful meal you have prepared." Wonder Woman: "Yes, darling. I love you and I LOVE stripping for your pleasure."

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This is amazing i would love to see this happen to black canary

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If that isn't a death sentence, I don't know what is...

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spoiler wonder woman 1984

How? Haven’t seen it and heard it wasn’t very good.

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In a unintentional twist, I like how you used Wonder Woman's old uniform as her dress. It looks softer than her current costume, signifying how human the Amazing Amazon now is. Impressive.

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Are you going to post this onto Hypnohub?

I love this.

I would LOVE to have Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman like that!

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Adore her finale outfit and low key want a dress like it!!~
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Amen to this dream.
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Yes, My Lord Mudd....

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My kind of hairdryer :-)
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This is SOOO GREAT!!!
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Hey, a Wonder Woman Housewife picture in which she has a dress that both matches the colors of her superhero outfit and provides over the shoulder straps that are essential to a busty body like her's! Can we get a full body picture of Diana in the future so we can see her whole dress?
Wonder Woman actually has been married, a few times I think.
And you know oddly enough Big Barda enjoyed being a housewife when she and Mister Miracle came to Earth. Though she wasn't very good at housework, she did like giving it a go.
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There was a comic were wonder women was brainwashed to be a house wife. I believe the comic was called milk wars or something.
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Why would you brainwash her to be a normal housewife instead of an evil Hench Wife
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