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Samus Stepfordization


Being a planet hopping badass can be fun and all, but it's much more relaxing to be a stepford wife.
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In a house of a 50s suburb

*hears a screech*

Ridley crashes down onto it.

*Ridley's theme plays*

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ridley trashes the home!

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PlotTwist: Ridley is the husband

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Just you wait... Ridley, Dark Samus, Mother Brain and the SA-X will trash the place before you can say "Honey, I'm home!".

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I love that this is just the first two steps of Samus getting knocked up...

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Bayonetta next :)

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Samus would make a good wife, I’d spoil her so much 😀
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I would like to see some male characters become this.
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I believe there is actually a hentai with a premise like this.
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Adam must be really desperate to keep Samus from objecting to him.
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I would much prefer to be the right one
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The Stepfordizer figure has immense power, one that can slice open portals inbetween universes and turn women into cookiecutter Stepford wives, only threatened by the Chichevache who preys upon obedient wives. Through hypnosis, the Stepfordizer can do exactly that. Those converted end up in the entity's home dimension the town Stepford, safe from villainous figures that go after the women like Bowser and Ridley.

He can take on the form of a man, a normal woman, a Stepford Wife and a large cow. The cow form is known as Bicorn, the male form is also known as Walter and the regular woman is also known as Joanna. 

Chichevache can assume the form of a thin cow, a crone and sometimes a Wendigo. She preys upon obedient wives and Bicorn's stepfordisation process is rumored to be an effort to satiate the hunger of his wife. A rather terrifying prospect.

Bicorn's portal-opening ability is used to cross realms in order to find more women to convert into Stepford Wives. The Bicorn may seem invincible, but has a fear of wolves and will run away from them in his true form. There could be an antidote to the hypnoses.
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Two notes. First does the stepfordizer figure work on men and have a mild setting? I could turn into a housewife, but I'm not sure that I want to sacrifice my nerdier tendencies or my interest in running to stay slim and trim. Second, this whole thing seems like a Space Whale Aesop. Don't force girls and women to be housewives or a monster will eat them.

Happy wife, happy life.

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Another great Stepfordization.
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omg he turned her into other m samus
So sexy to see Samus as a dutiful housewife
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Well I love this. 
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Blake Belladonna 
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Blake Belladonna 
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The after is so much better
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it must be very strange to be so out of control of your own life that you can only "love" a woman (this isn't love, what you're feeling) when you feel like you have removed from her every single atom of control that you can.

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Imagine thinking that's what this fetish entails. It's called fantasy, dummie. 
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