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Izuku Midoriya Commission

So, we're back with the stepfordization series, but with a twist. It appears not even Deku is safe from the powers sweeping through UA.
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Thus gets a lot creepier when you realize they're all teenagers

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Very sweet smile

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Izuka is a man, you dumb shit. But hey Degenerates never remember that, do they? - Scorp.

They really don't, huh?

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Her blushing face is just perfect~
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he's a fucking minor.

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Is it weird that all i want is to cuddle with her? I feel that way about all these girls,i just wanna cuddle and make love with them all day,does anyone feel the same way?
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yes, yes it is weird. he's a minor, you sick fuck.

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(Un)fortunately it only works halfway as Rule63!Izuku still goes off in her secret identity as Deku to fight crime!
More tg man to woman hypno plz
SvettaK92's avatar not sure why I didn't comment on this back when it first happened.

...y'know, I can practically hear Kacchan yelling something along the lines of "damn Deku, how dare you have bigger boobs than me!? I was supposed to be the only one from that crappy middle school to get a great rack, and you just had to go and ruin everything!!" ...or words to that effect.

As someone who, on occasion, has been known to ship Todoroki and Midoriya, I honestly don't know how /Shoto would react to this. I mean...non-/ Shoto totally likes Yaomomo, and therefore boobs are obviously a plus in his opinion,
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So, you change difficult women into housewives for a living? :)
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Technically he changed a difficult man into a housewife this time.
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Really? Oops.
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Katsuki & Shouto vs Mindwipe the Control 
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New Villain Name is David Nikos/Mindwipe the Control 
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How the hell did he become female anyway?
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Your art style reminds me of the archie comics
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Never heard that comparison. I always liked it, but I didn't really take much inspiration from it.
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