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Ivy's Flower Girls

So here we have Ivy, along with some newly trained florists. Cassandra Cain, Black Canary, and Catwoman have all traded in fists for flower pots and servitude. I imagine Canary's got a leg up on the rest considering she used to own a flower shop.

This was a collab between me and some anonymous guy. He drew some pretty swell flowers.
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Very good drawn...
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Cass sure seems happy!
FandomFoodie's avatar
Whatever happened to her sidekick Honeysuckle?
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Oh very nicely done! The flowers are really cool; I noticed you mentioned they were done by someone else as a collab. Please let them know they did a really cool job with them!

Ivy is looking fantastic too and she's definitely showing off with how many heroines she can take down!
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I hope than she use them as seat, backseat and rest for her feets
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Mr. Anonymous added some colorful flair to them on top of what I already did. Turned out good.
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Yes she did used to own a flower shop!
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Often forgotten fact about her, but I always found it charming. Who'd suspect the local florist of putting on a wig and fishnets to fight crime?
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Plus her husband Green Arrow named it “Sherwood Florist”. :rimshot:
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Ivy could get payback for what Harley did now....
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wow, you're right, those are very well detailed flowers =)
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Yes, I thought they were quite impressive upon seeing them.
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Cassandra Cain huh? Well it's good to see her in the spotlight for once! :D
(even if she is all the way in the back but hey, progress is progress right? :P)
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Any Cass is good Cass.
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The Canary and the Cat look very hot here.
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