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Viking Love

Because Hiccstrid is my OTP

Note: Thank you all so much for your sweet comments!!! I appreciate every single one of them <3
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I love the lighting. Excellent job.
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*Gasp* Oh, this is just so lovely. The lighting is dazzling and the couple is so endearingly depicted here. Beautifully illustrated. You've captured such a wondrously warm feeling and breathtaking atmosphere with this piece.

Astrid Cheers Icon Magnificently portrayed! Hiccup Weapon Icon 
Wow, this is amazing! Can I use this as a book cover for my fanfic? I'll credit you and put a link to this page.
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WOW! This is incredibly beautiful! :O
Claire-Cooper's avatar… sorry to tell you someone took your art and colored over it. 
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*Toothless dives in and lands on hiccup. Toothless burps in Astrid's face*
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I love this art! Can I feature this on my Tumblr I will credit you and there will be a link to this page.
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Most favoritest drawing of them ever :D 
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Love the colors and everything :3
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Love Love Now I know I got a heart, 'cause it's melting! God this is so beautiful! Love Love 
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The lighting makes em sparkle even moreee. I love Hiccstrid! <3 AWESOME WORK!! .u.
This is beautiful.
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oooh i LOVE the lighting in this *-*
insanely beautiful!
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Absolutely love the colors, beautiful!
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Aww so sweet. :). The colors and lighting make it so soft and beautiful!
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your artwork is wonderful!
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Beautiful & so sweet! :D
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Beautiful! Hiccup look so switt and cute and.... and... and... I just love them <3
Great job!
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It's fantasic cartoon Meow :3 Huggle! Hug Clap 
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