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Just a shmuck from Canada who has an unhealthy obsession with Ghostbusters and cute nerdy girls.

Current Residence: Ontario, Canada
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: Country
Favourite style of art: Comic
Shell of choice: The one near my house with the cute cashier and the pay at the pump system
Wallpaper of choice: Our spare bedroom. It's got flowers.
Favourite cartoon character: Egon Spengler
Personal Quote: Hot Dickings!
I'll be uploading a few more commissions I've received over the next few days.  I've changed the way I'll review, doing things more as a point-form for the specs prospective byers might find helpful at the bottom.  Feedback never hurts.  I'm doing this to be helpful after all....

Also, I've received some feedback from people who have used my reviews to find good artists (or avoid bad ones).  That's great!  A good artist should have their name spread around.

Anyways, more postings.....
  • Listening to: Don & Mike
  • Reading: Wii User's Guide
  • Watching: Whose Line is it Anyways
  • Playing: Ghostbusters Wii
  • Eating: Veg. Lasagnia
  • Drinking: Way Too Much Diet Pepsi


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Queen-Kitty Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018   Photographer
Thank you! by Queen-Kitty  
jackcrowder Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
The dial has spun
Hope the last year was fun
Or, at least, you didn't get hung

Happy Birthday, old friend!!!
jackcrowder Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Hey Hey
Happy Birthday!!!
llovesrarity Featured By Owner May 30, 2017
Are you a Ghostbusters fan?
NathanKroll Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav:D (Big Grin)Holtzmann Ghostbusters by NathanKroll 
jackcrowder Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
What did you think of the new flick?
polkanator Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016
Hi Jack.  Saw it opening night.  I went in with an open mind and tried to block out all the negative BS that's been spewing for the last year (very hard to do) and I really liked it.  I thought it kept the premise and did new and interesting things with it.  I loved how:
~ they showed how hard it is to start-up a business in New York
~ How the whole ghost-catching process evolved / equipment constantly upgraded / updated. 
~ Holtzmann stole the show

Only things I didn't care for / thought were weak:
~ I don't like the car.  
~ I kept waiting for the bad guy to appear.  I mean, the real boss.  I thought Rowan felt more like a henchman and I figured the mayor or somebody would turn out to be the real villain. 

How about you?
jackcrowder Featured By Owner Edited Aug 15, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Ghostheads was a good precursor to seeing the movie. The documentary does build up the wish fulfillment that another dip into that universe could provide but lacks the feminist approach it needed.

Because there wasn't any. It isn't even a proper gender swap at all.

The problem is that it is ignoring the expanded universe.

It's okay for the Star Wars fans to be pissed twenty years of novels meant nothing. Fans who adore characters like Mara Jane or Talon Karrde shouldn't be felt like they were lied to or lead astray. That's present in this reboot setting too. Eduardo might as well be Remy LeBeau. Those follow-ups never mattered because a reboot says that chapter is over. So having feelings about losing your copy of Ghostbusters: The Return back in college? Really pointless. No one cared that this was a tame Bridesmaid: Ghostbusters edition. They cared this wasn't continuing the story.

My daughter is in love with Holtzmann. We're in the middle of a junk build of the reboot pack.

I first noticed the difference with ghost-catching in the new theme song. It goes 'They come busting in, kill all them ghosts.' I didn't like that. I didn't like the ghost bodies lying toasted at the end of the recycled RIPD ending (food for thought, though, Ryan Reynolds - the Chevy Chase ghostbuster we never had). I never felt like they were struggling as a business or they were having to make personal cuts as much as the original did but I loved that there were more toys -- I mean tools because the pocket monster Ghostbusters toys at Walmart are odd. I wish they had expanded the 'we're back from the Dead Zone with gray hair' at all.

I said to my wife after the show what the fuck was up with Rowan. It was never revealed the exact reason or cause of the character. We get hints and we get clues... but aside from "he's a little weird and wants to rule the worlds" falls flat. You don't make the movie about the cephlapoid. Will Smith chases him down and then joins the Men in Black. At best - the guy looks like an Albanian gypsy - which sort of steals the spotlight from Slimer since that would be a nod to Belushi.

I liked it but didn't love it. What hurt most is the next week I saw The Boss with Melissa McCarthy (while not a fantastic script) her improv in it is outstanding. The reboot Ghostbusters pulled too many punches for me.

At the start of production, I was almost hoping they would go dark and add more horror elements into it. I wanted to question if my seven year old should see it, you know? Because you normally can't let kids see Paul Feig stuff -- Spy was awesome example of that.
polkanator Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
(I've been waiting to discuss this movie with a like-minded individual....My wife can only take so much.   I'm shocked the marriage held up in the weeks leading up to the film)

Sure, the movie had it's down points and I think Rowan's a good starting point.  With Rowan, I agree, it wasn't until I saw it a second time I picked up on the blink-and-you'll-miss-it awards / diplomas / proof of intelligence that hung on the wall of the workshop he used.  I'd have almost appreciated a brief flashback to his youth to justify his actions.  He seemed a little forgettable, and he had the makings of a lackey or henchman. I started to suspect that the Mayor was the real bad guy and Roland the puppet, but I suppose that would have been to GB The Video Game...  They really needed to make the bad guy believable.  Gozer and Vigo, they were at least formitable and had some backstory.  He's easily forgettable and that's a shame.  They could have done a lot with the bullied kid.

Funny you focus on Missy Elliot's line in the song.  I did too the first time I heard it.  "Kill all them ghotsts?"  Really?  OK.....  I thought it was a bad sign that here you have the flagship song for the movie and no music video.  The ones they did make a video for, well....not a fan but in my old age I accept those videos are for the kids more than half my age.

As far as them pulling their improve punches, I remember re-watching Ghostbusters 2 ten years ago and thinking how different a movie it was than I remembered.  It was such a watered down film, and you could tell that they knew a bunch of kids were going to see the film and you had to be more careful.  There was no big scares in it, no bad language, no smoking (really).  The ghosts were a bit more cartoony and even Ecto 1A (although I still love it so hard) was a characature of itself.  The GB2 Logo doesn't make sense to me either.

As far as cannon goes, I thought GB2 was insulting to 2 things:  Janine and Egon went nowhere.  I know Harold never was thrilled with the couple but everybody watched 4 years of cartoons and Janine and Egon was a HUGE part of the pair.  To drop it entirely without explanation was sacrilege.  The other part that I found bad (as an adult) was how they treated Winston. He showed up for the kids party, then effectively disappeared until the Montage.  He wasn't brought in to help the investigation, the digging, the river of slime, nothing.  He barely contributed to the story in the 2nd movie, just like the first movie.  Now people have said a LOT about the Patty character in GB2016 but at least she contributed and had more lines by the half-way point than Winston did in both movies.  When Louis Tully has more to do with the film than Winston there's something strange (in the neighbourhood....).  When people try to defend Winston in the movies I love to pose the following questions:  In a movie about scientists who catch ghosts, when did Winston, on screen ~ ever catch a ghost?  When did anything he say or do ever effect the outcome of the film?  Could everything he said have been easily passed on to Janine?

I also had to calibrate myself for this film.  Sure, it can be debated that you shouldn't have to lower your expectations for a film, but this could be a good argument for why you have to:  We've been waiting 30 years for a GB film.  That's a LOT of time to build up expectations, plan our own plot ideas, visualize what we'd do.  We all wanted to see the original's pass a torch and imagine what kind of lasers and equipment and cars and ghosts and what-not would appear, but imagine what kind of unobtainable expectation you're looking at there.  Nothing could live up to our standards.  However, you give that film to some 5 - 10 year old kids and you reignite the passion we had, and then something new and beautiful can start. 
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SB-Artworks Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch, polkanator.
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