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many thanks for your support :)
thanks to you for posting such awesome works! Now I'm intensely studying bryce 7 from a videotutorial and the manual, to see what can I do with it! cheers!
You can put those links in your devious ID as your description. There's almost no limit to what you can write in there. Also, you may want to consider putting a watermark on your work. If you have Photoshop, just put white or black text over your image and take the layer opacity down to 45%. There are lots of people who steal any artwork and upload it as their own on places like Flickr.

I just like to warn everyone.
Thanks for the advices! I'll do it! I thought that the deviant's watermark was enough, but I'm going to photoshop, just to be sure! Thanks again!
I use my own watermark instead of the dA. Sometimes the way their watermark work's just isn't enough. I actually use black and white, using my dA name along with @deviantart, then put both the black and the white on around 35 or 40%, then I use the arrow keys to bump the white layer up 1 and to the side 1. It makes a beveled glass look and shows the image through better. It also makes it impossible to use the clone brush tool to remove it. :D Many people tell me "Oh watermarks are ugly, I don't care if mine are stolen." But... after all that hard work? Really??
You're right and I'm going to do it just like you described it. I think it's the smart thing to do. Thank you!