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I'm the Goddamn Batman

By PolishTank48
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It's been one year since I joined dA and I want to dedicate this drawing to all those people who have supported and inspired me all along. Especially batty,Darrell,benji and Merides - you guys are awesome and this is my tribute to you crazy bat-fans! :D =P
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Awesome! :D Darrel is a good friend of mine and he will like this!
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it :) And thanks a lot for the fave! Much appreciated :dance:
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I love hand-drawn art.
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:D :D

Thanks for the fave!
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LOL I love the name. ;P Very awesome graphite piece! :heart:
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Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words and the fave! :dance:
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Thank you very much! :dance:
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:D :D

Thanks a lot for the faves!
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Not at all. ^^ The dra is too cool
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cool job with this one.. just a note or a basic shading tip.. whenever you do shading try to go with the shape of the body, that is the flow of the contour lines, it'll make it more realistic in form. It is a time consuming process but then it's art...nuff said! hehe.. and I believe you won't mind this bit of constructive criticism.. ;) otherwise i simply love your rendition of the Goddamn Batman! ;P
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I don't mind it at all! :) Thanks a lot for this feedback,I will try to keep it in mind next time I make a drawing :D Apart from that,I'm glad you like this one! Thanks again :)
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Love the scowl. ^^
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Cool,I'm glad you like it! Thank you!
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First off, I love the title of this piece. That stuff is hilarious. :)

Secondly...did you use a reference for this? Or draw it from scratch? If you drew it from scratch...then you can take this question as a huge compliment!

Third...AWESOME job on the pose and overall vibe of the piece. It's really solid, classic Batman, and fitting for his character. Even though he is more-or-less just standing there, it still FEELS like Batman, and not just some guy wearing a Batman suit.

Fourth, the shading is excellent, especially on his cowl and cape, his face, and his glove. Particularly the hand. Oddly enough, I think it's the strongest part of the piece. It's rendered very well and has a lot of realistic volume and depth to it. And, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with :iconsaintvulcan: and say that his finger doesn't look too long at all. Any shorter and it might look like a kid's hand. ;) I think it's the perfect length.

Fifth...time for the critique. :) Overall, the shape of his figure is very good. However, his leg anatomy is a little off. You've got a good start and a good general idea of how the leg muscles form, but there are still some lines in places they shouldn't be and vice versa. Leg muscles are something I've always struggled with and only recently have started becoming semi-satisfied with when I draw them. It's tricky, but studying some leg anatomy will help a LOT. Here is a great image that shows not only all of the muscles, but their names too: [link]

Also, this is more of a personal preference, and obviously it's your drawing and your style so you can do whatever you want, but his chest seems a little too rounded to me. His pectorals actually look a little soft. Giving it a more angled look, especially on the lower-outer part by his bicep, will help him look more chiseled and defined. And as far as his stomach/abs...again, something I'm struggling with all the time, but I've found that less is more. Maybe breaking up the lines that run horizontally so that they're not so long and smooth will help him look more chiseled (there's that word again!) Finally, throw in some ribs and some of the "serratus anterior" muscles (see muscle chart above under "Abs") to really make him look powerful.

Like I said though, overall this is VERY well done. You are definitely improving in both your painting and your drawing skills. Keep at it man. I love looking at your stuff and I'm excited to see where you can go with all of it.

And finally, thanks for the shout-out. You're definitely my biggest fan on DA and I always enjoy sharing comments about art, comics, Batman...whatever. You're a great friend, Oskar. Thanks for everything. :)
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Wow,that's got to be one of the longest comments in dA's history! Above all,I want to let you know that this is highly appreciated :aww: It's great to see that somebody actually took some time to look closely at your piece and write such an insightful comment,especially if that somebody is you. :) I'm always looking forward to your comments because you do not only give praise and critique but also useful advice and suggestions. Thank you very much,mate! :)

Now,let's go through this one by one... :D

Concerning your question whether I used a reference pic for this: Well,not really. This drawing actually started out as a simple exercise. I had found a cool Batman Begins concept art drawing on the internet and I wanted to use it as a reference for a pracice drawing without any intention of submitting it here on dA. You know,just to mess around with it for myself and practice a few things...but when I started to draw I decided not to recreate that concept drawing because I wanted to go for a comic style Batman instead of drawing the Batman Begins costume which looks rather realistic. So from that point forward I basically went on to draw the whole thing from scratch. I guess it's fair to say that the pose is loosely based on that concept drawing,but then again,he's just standing there,so I think the only thing that has really remained similar to that concept drawing is the way the cape hangs over his right shoulder. :)

I have to say thanks a bunch for that link! It will certainly come in handy :nod: I agree with you,the legs are definitely not drawn correctly. I think they were the last thing I worked on and I didn't really know how to go about those ripped leg muscles,so I looked at some Michael Turner drawings to get an idea of how to do them,but it indeed hasn't turned out perfectly. Same thing with the abs...I think you're right,the lines I've drawn there are a bit longish,which makes the abs look too soft. When it comes to the chest: Hehe believe it or not,initially I had drawn it exactly as you have suggested,but for some I reason I don't remember I decided to round it off right before I scanned the drawing in. =P

Thanks again for all the compliments and suggestions,buddy! This is some great feedback that will help me to improve :) Plus,the fact that you said that this piece really feels like Batman makes me very happy because if you cannot convey the vibe of this character,then there's already an immensely important part missing. :) And I can only return the compliment: you are also a great friend and it's always fun and interesting to share opinions and ideas with you. :)
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And you followed my "longest comment in DA history" with one of your own! If we keep this up then we're going to have a novel pretty soon.

I'm really happy to hear that you started a practice drawing and was so pleased with it that you took it all the way. That's a good sign, man. It means you're improving in your art and feeling confident in your pencil work. Congratulations. :)

Muscle groups and anatomy are so hard to get down, but once you get used to drawing certain stuff then it comes naturally. I certainly have a long way to go when it comes to anatomy, but it does get easier with practice, and eventually you'll get to the point to where you don't need a reference for certain muscles because you're drawn them so many times. And, in the end, you might not need reference at all except for poses. The hardest part, in my opinion, about muscle anatomy is finding a reference of the muscle(s) you need at the angle you are drawing. For example, when I drew my most recent Leonardo pic with him reaching back and holding his sword, I couldn't find any sort of reference picture of an arm at that angle, so I had to do my best to figure out what it looks like. Over time, that stuff will get easier. We just have to keep practicing!

I'm always glad to help out and give my opinion. I always greatly appreciate your comments too, and I'm glad we can help each other out. :)
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I totally agree with you,very often it's hard to get the anatomy of particular muscles right without any reference,especially when you try to draw some more advanced poses. But you're right,with more and more practice it will become second nature :nod: I think you did a terrific job with your Leonardo drawing and that arm reaching back,considering you had absolutely no reference pic to work with. :)

Once again,thank you for all the support. It really is a great help to me :)
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I'm glad you like it,thank you! And by the way,thanks for the faves,too! :)
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