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Batman -Tim Sale style-

By PolishTank48
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Some time ago, I did those drawings of Michael Turner's and Jim Lee's versions of Batman, this time it's Tim Sale. Of all the great Batman artists, nobody draws the cape as spectacular as he does. I really love the cape action in Sale's renditions of Batman, so I tried to capture and emulate it here with this drawing.
This pic is actually based on a tutorial on how to draw Batman that Tim Sale made back in 2000, so all credit goes to him of course. :-)

Enjoy 8-)


EDIT: My good friend Kutzman :iconkutzman: has recreated this drawing as a vector and I just love how it turned out! :D Please go and take a look, it's awesome: [link] :)
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I love this, a decent attempt at replicating Sale's style
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Thanks a lot for your kind words :) I'm glad you like it!
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dave365Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm not familiar with Tim Sale but you definetly captured the movement in the cape brilliantly.
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)
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EliDirHobbyist General Artist
This is so cool!
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BobTheEgg General Artist
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Thanks a lot! :D
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benji138Professional Filmographer
Tim Sale was the first Batman artist that I really developed a true appreciation for. Not that Jim Lee or David Finch don't draw amazing Batmans, but Tim Sale accomplishes so much with so few lines and massive amounts of black. The moods he creates with such simple linework is astounding. As a person who tends to obsess over detail, I can truly appreciate what he does. His Batman is arguably the most powerful-looking of any I've ever seen, although it's a close call with Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

You did a great job on this man, and emulated his style very well. :)
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Thanks for the compliments,buddy. :-) I appreciate it a lot!

I agree,Tim Sale is one of the best when it comes to conveying a very dark mood with his Batman renditions. With his shading style he really manages to make him look so mysterious and almost inhuman at times,like a demon or something. You gotta love it! :-)
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benji138Professional Filmographer
"mysterious and almost inhuman at times,like a demon or something."

Haha, exactly! You've got to love a demonic-looking Batman!
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ChahlesXavierHobbyist Traditional Artist
i agree with him being the best at the cape. this is awesome. very well done
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Thank you! :) Much appreciated. And thanks a lot for the watch! :)
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Dude! Awesome! Tim Sale is pretty cool but admittedley not among my favs, maybe because Ive not read his best comics, right?

Although I DO like this pic a lot. Awesome cape work. Really OTT, thats how I like it!

I always feel like his cape is almost organic and freeflowing, with a mind of its own!

You should defo digitise this pic and make a high res one for me to download ;)
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Yay! w00t: Thank you so much for the compliments,man! :D I knew you would like this one :D In fact,I was inspired by one of your most recent pics: [link] :) This was a great piece and I really wanted to do something similar with the cape. So thanks a lot for the inspiration! :D

Quite frankly,with time I have actually grown to appreciate Tim Sale more and more. And his best comics indeed rank among the best Batman comics out there.

By the way,digitizing this pic is a great idea. It might look quite nice if I polished up those black areas in Photoshop. :) But I can already send you a high-res pic of this version if you want :)
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Awww shucks!! Thanks man, appreciate the good words!

If I were you, id do it in Illustrator, because of the black and white simplicity. It would look amazing in vectors man! Do it! :)
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Unfortunately I have never done any vector art,so I guess it would take me some time to figure it out ^^; Maybe you would be interested...? :D
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Dude you should totally get into vector art! The lines are sooooo clean and you can upscale and downscale with no loss of quality!

Illustrator is defo the way forward my friend! Once you get to grips with the pen tool its all gravy man!

Man Id be freaking honoured to do that as a vector, although I feel like I may be stealing your thunder ;-P
PolishTank48's avatar
Not at all,man! :-) The honor would be all mine actually if you did that as a vector. :) I will probably get into vector art at some point,but I guess right now I'm too busy,so if you would like to do it go ahead! :D I would love to see the result!
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DesmanHill General Artist
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Thanks so much!!! :D
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Claudiu-SebastianStudent Traditional Artist
do david finch next :P greatest batman yet! but i love this! nice work man!
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Yeah,I might do Finch at some point. :-) Thanks for the compliments! :dance:
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