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I don't do private commissions or alters. Period. 

Don't be surprised if I ignore your notes concerning this topic. 

Otherwise, kindly fuck off.

Skype: PolishTamales
PSN: PolishTamales
I get a steady stream of you guys on Tumblr and various other social networks! Keep on rocking homies!

Skype: PolishTamales
PSN: PolishTamales
What's up folks, Polish here and I'm glad that many of you have stuck around this past year. Even when I'm barely updating my DA account. A lot of my focus has been on other social networking sites, so I haven't really given this much attention, much less the DA community. That will all change in the upcoming year!

Stay turned for updates and my other various social networking sites all found here:

Skype: PolishTamales
You can stalk me like your Ex-GF here:…

I'll be launching my Youtube channel in 6 months, so get ready for your weekly does of awesome!

- Polish Tamales
Please be aware that I do not accept private commissions at this time. That means no alters, no playmats, no prints, etc. If you see someone claiming to sell my art on alters of any kind, please report them immediately. I have not done any private alters. Ever.

Once again:


You can find more updates on my Tumblr page as that is updated almost daily with free sketch requests, personal studies, etc. Please be aware I WILL NOT illustrate your personal OC and those will be promptly deleted or shamed publicity based on how explicitly sexually inappropriate it is.

I am currently in a personal project. This DA page will be updated if anything special pops up from Tumblr (such as the Valentine cards).

You can talk to me on Skype here: PolishTamales
You can reach me on Tumblr here:
You can follow me on Twitter here:
You can stalk me like your Ex-GF here:…

Again, I do not accept private commissions (no bueno).
So this is the second time I've been contacted by WotC/Hasbro's Legal team for creating parodies and "fan art". Within a one year time frame no less.

The situation is slightly different than the last time, but thanks to the kind folks at Tumblr, WotC/Hasbro can't force them to delete or censor my artwork this time around. They won't immediately fold like DA did when my art gallery was nuked earlier this year. The possibility is still there if they decide to pursue to close it down based on DMCA violations of any kind.

There ya go, WotC/Hasbro's lawyers are threatening the DMCA against me if I don't comply with their request and delete specific images, comics, and storyboards from my Tumblr ( This e-mail was passed on to me by Tumblr.

I know my rights as parody writer, much less if they think they're picking on JUST ME for creating parodies, I hope they understand they're picking on EVERYONE that's ever done fan art, fan fiction, and parodies on the internet, tv, movies, newsprint, etc.

Let WotC/Hasbro know that they cannot take away our freedom and imagination and threaten everyone with the DMCA. Leave a comment and pass this around to your fellow DA artists and the rest of the fan art community.

You can follow me on Twitter PolishTamales or on Tumblr at
I've caught some eBay sellers in the past for selling alters of certain MTG cards with my artwork on them. While this isn't uncommon, it is  I L L E G A L  to sell such alters, not mentioning ripping art/photos off from Deviant Art/Google/Tumblr and various other image boards on the internet.

If you happen to find any of my works being sold/distributed on the internet, please be aware that only has such authorization with their FNM Hero series. Please report these unauthorized reproductions to eBay, as well as other misc reproductions/digitally altered "proxies".

These sellers need to be aware that it is illegal, not to mention out of poor taste to steal artwork and distribute them for their own profitable gains.

Here's an example:…

As you can see, there's a few "legal" ones (custom hand-painted alters), but a whole lot of illegal ones. Anyone selling printed proxies with copyrighted artwork violates eBay rules. So when you guys get the chance, report these sellers and spread the word that stealing other artists' artwork should not be tolerated.

You can also reach me and/or follow me on these other social media sites:




Thanks and please spread the word in the DA community.
If you guys didn't know already, I started a Tumblr a few months ago thanks to :iconmakimonster:

What started off as just a simple place to post sketches and the things I do, suddenly became an art sketch request blog. In some cases, designs for cosplaying.

So for those wondering, I am doing free sketches there, but bare in mind they're just sketches and are NOT meant for commercial reproduction by any means. There's currently a line of 130+ requests that I haven't gotten around yet, so most people need to sit it out for a few weeks or just check by every so often for updates. Check out the archives here for an idea of what you're missing out!…

I also do storyboards for fun so be sure to check them out when you see them. I often get a lot of ideas, but I want to avoid spending an entire week coloring and inking for a 5 second punchline.

Also, here's the list of places you can find me on social media sites:



It's been a while and I feel it's time to keep you all in the loop.

As you remember over a month ago, I received a notice from DA that my fanworks were reported for copyright violations. It wasn't until a few weeks later I was able to get verification from DA that it was a lawyer representing Hasbro Inc. (the current owners of properties of Wizards of the Coast and their intellectual properties).

When I brought this to the attention of Mark Rosewater and a few WotC employees on Twitter, I was redirected to a community manager at WotC and they were able to review some of the works and told me the issues that Hasbro (potentially) had. They redirected me to a few guidelines to follow, but unfortunately, they could not give me a straight answer to some very common parody related issues. I guess not many people make complete parodies out of their characters before.

Because of these issues, I have decided to limit myself on MTG related artwork and only do a few sketches here and there. I do not feel comfortable drawing and entertaining MTG fans when there's a suit watching behind my back waiting for me to slip up and slap me with a C/D order or a potential lawsuit. I will no longer be doing full blown comic pages as before, and if I ever do, don't expect them anytime in the near future.

You can still catch semi-MTG related work with, since I strongly support the work that John Medina is doing and feel that his talent & charisma will positively influence the next generation of MTG players. If you guys didn't know, John Medina started FNM Hero as a way to help new players jump into FNMs without spending over $100 on a single deck. His main goal is to go infinite with a simple event deck and his wits. There's a lot of trading tips he gives along the way.

You can read his previous adventures here and catch up to the most recent ones as well:

I will not entirely abandon my followers on DA. You can still catch early previews, sketches of Legit Mtg related work here and my Tumblr (PolishTamales there). Don't expect high glossy works, but there will be plenty of fan service for the ladies this time round.

As for my current plans, I have decided to put in my 2-weeks in at work. It's time I pursue something that is needed to be done and follow the dreams that I have neglected from intimidation and failure.

I will be creating my own graphic novel for children and young adults. I don't have much time or money, but I can't keep dreaming forever. I can't be young forever.
I'd like to share with you guys the latest response I've received from DA and something terribly disturbing:

"Thank you for contacting deviantART customer service, I will be assisting you with your support ticket today.

The records associated with these removals show that we received a claim of infringement from legal counsel representing Wizards of the Coast concerning your use of their "Magic the Gathering" property and associated character names. While I can instruct you on how to file a counter-notice you should be aware that I would then pass your counter-notice to the claimant and the fact that you file a counter-notice would force Wizards of the Coast to file a lawsuit against you if they continued to press their copyright.

Do you still wish to file a counter-notice?"

So there you have it. WotC showing their presence on Deviant Art. Not only to scout for potential artists, but to censor and bring lawsuits to artists as well.

I would like to say how jarring this has been. If you guys don't know yet, I am a freelance graphic designer and more recently, a storyboard artist. This is not by choice, but due to the current economy in America. I don't have a normal 9-5 schedule like some of my peers do and I was living out of my car for a few months not too long ago.

I've been given a second chance to restart my life and a part of that process was rediscovering MTG with the people that helped support me during a very depressing transition in my life. Teaching Magic to the Marines around Oceanside in SoCal, reconnecting some old high school friends through play testing MTG on Skype, and finding new interesting people on Deviant Art, Twitter, & Tumblr. I've even made new friends, from people in Japan no less!

I enjoy entertaining the people around me. The internet has allowed me to do something that my old Graphic Designer counselor could only dream of during his underground comics phase in American comic publishing. Being able to entertain hundreds to thousands of people with simple strokes, text and a punchline and publish it in a matter of minutes.

So you can only imagine the kind of impact it has on me. Being told to sit down by Wizards of the Coast and telling me to stop. Telling me to stop doing things that not only helped me during my depression, but telling me to stop entertaining you, my followers, my friends. I would much rather have someone from WotC offering me a different opportunity other than a lawsuit.

This whole thing just breaks my heart.
If you guys didn't catch it, my entire MTG folder on DA was recently deleted for copyright infringement. At this time, there is no confirmation if it was reported by a salty member of the DA community or WotC/Hasbro's Legal team.

I have filed an appeal with DA, but it seems that I won't be able to get a response back from them in reasonable time. For that reason, I have re-uploaded the deleted artwork and various parody MTG comics. If my account gets suspended, so be it, I will fight for my 1st amendment rights as well as  the parody laws protecting me as an artist.

Due to these recent events, I will use my Tumblr account to post pre-production work, as well as the finished works. The DA account will still get updates, but it will no longer be a priority as it was before. Not saying I won't support my DA account, but there will be a lot less pre-production work shared.

In the meantime, I would like to thank everyone in the community for their support. Both fans at Deviant Art, Twitter, and my followers on Tumblr!

As for commission requests, it still remains the same.

- I will only do commission work with established companies/publishers and/or very close friends.

- I will not do any lewd requests/commissions work. Especially sexually explicit fetish grade material that may be banned in some countries.

If you're a fan of my work, I apologize, but I am a freelancer in different forms of media, hence my erratic schedule. You can see a more detailed explanation in my previous journal entry.

Again, sorry to disappoint, but I cannot actively take stranger requests at this time.

- Rick
I've been getting a lot of requests and I would like to make it clear:

- I will only do commission work with established companies/publishers and/or very close friends. This is to avoid time constrants and scheduling conflicts.

- I will not do any lewd requests/commissions work with "complete" strangers. Especially sexually explicit fetish grade material.

The focus of my DA page is for networking, entertainment & hopefully a few smiles. I do enjoy sharing some fan service material, but I don't enjoy being buttered up with a few e-mails and then being asked to draw Princess Peach with a penis (regardless of it being erected or not).

I hope this clears up any confusion why I don't do commission work and why I'm a bit cynical when being asked (Especially Princess Peach). Again, sexually explicit fetish grade material, not something I do for strangers, but when we get beyond the friend-zone thing, maybe...

Occasionally, I will ask some people in the DA community if they want to make a cameo appearance in the strips. It's my way of thanking some of you and your support.
I'd like to thank a special friend for helping me through my depression and help me overcome my demons. What you become is more important than what you accomplish. With that, I'd like to thank this angel sent by god. With her smile, she brings hope and warmth.

Thank you Aunt Jemima, thank you for reminding me that pancakes are beautiful and I should share them with everyone in my life.

Seriously though, I'm refreshed. I'm ready. See you soon!
We're looking at 5 or 6 pages total here. I can cut an entire page or leave it in, but it's going to take some extra bit of time either way. I should've split this into 3 parts since I had the script in front of me. This was originally going to be a a 5 page comic split into 2 parts, so now it's looking like an 8-9 page comic total. The punchline and sight gags should keep the reader's attention throughout, but I really wanted to explore what I can do with the medium. There's just some things that are just better told through more panels than just a single page's worth.

It's a bit of a challenge for me, but I think the end result should leave quite a few people smiling.
So I just got off the phone with one of my old friends back in high school and it was depressing to hear how bad some people are hit by the recession. Just so it makes it easier for some people to follow, I'll call him Tom.

So Tom and I go way back in OC, right when I graduated from high school. He was genius at computer programming and he had it all. A supportive family, a nice car, scholarships, & a drop dead gorgeous girl friend. He was one of those guys you thought he had his life all figured out and that he'd be some top engineer at Intel in a few years.

Fast forward 10 years later, and things start looking pretty grim. From what he told me on the phone this morning, he was laid off for the past 3 years from a software company and that his wife left him for another man. On top of that, he's still paying for child support for his daughter whom he barely has any visitation rights to. He's been looking for a job since and he's been only able to find work as a Geek Squad guy at a local Best Buy. And it's only for a part-time position... which is pretty common now. So he ends up working at his second job at a Tacobell in the night shift... still only a part-time job (he can't even get a full-time position). Here's the worst part though. Yesterday was his last day working at Best Buy. Not because he wanted to, but management felt it would be just cheaper to hire some new guy and dump Tom, because he was making an extra $3.75 more than everyone else in that department.

Here's the scary thing. It's only going to get worst. Not just for Tom, but probably for everyone in the next few months.  

My best advice is don't stop networking. Unfortunately for Tom, he's burnt a few bridges while he had that top paying job a few years back. As bad as this may sound, asking a struggling Graphic Designer for some job hook ups, not exactly the best network to start for a computer programmer.
I'm open to them, but I don't do them for complete strangers.

Romance me a bit, then we'll talk! *Dinner & a movie is a good starting point*
Regarding on the delays, I have to apologize to you the readers. When I storyboard these out, there's a certain time frame & budget I set aside just to keep track of myself if I ever do these on a full scale. Unfortunately... I can't count!

Joking aside, I will be scaling back on these 2+ page comics to a single page in the future. It lets you guys get more of the funny without the disappointing delays. There's just a certain level of quality I want these strips to have and I don't really want to take two steps back after making a huge leap forward. There's more pressure on me maintaining quality as each strip progresses, but I hope you guys understand when strips scale down to a single page. More entertainment without the wait.

Rumble in the Jungle part one of two will be a (2) pages followed by a (3) page finale. After that, you will be seeing Stoneforge Mystic (Misty) and Jace in a few short stories as a couple struggling to keep their relationship together and more Planeswalkers! You want more Chandra? You want more Liliana? Let me know!
To keep ya'll updated, Unscrewed has been delayed due to the SoCal Blackout.
Well not posing or anything, BUT I did do 36 different storyboards, character designs, props, and background work for Playboy's Celebrity Sex Tales! So don't miss it on the Playboy Channel!

Youtube (SFW):…
Playboy (NSFW):…