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Novo Dangos Icons

This is a set of 9 icons, in PNG, .ICO and .ICONTAINER format.

Those are "Dangos" from ending of CLANNAD anime:… .

"It's the Big Dango Family! The nationally-renowned characters that any Japanese person would know. It's the Big Dango Family. I'm so jealous that there's a hundred of them. Sounds like it's always fun. I think it'd be big trouble if they all went to an amusement park at once."
-Nagisa Furukawa

Also, "Dango" is a Japanese dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour), related to mochi. It is often served with green tea.


Éstos son los "famosos" (eso creo :P) "Dangos" del ending del anime CLANNAD…

En realidad los Dangos son un tipo típico de comida japonesa, hechos de masa de harina de arroz. Suelen servirse con té verde .
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estan hermosos, se pueden poner como iconos? como?
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but, ultimately, your dangos are the same as the Clannad ones?
Pedro-de-la-Luna's avatar
xSasoDeiDannax's avatar
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if i had some points i would give them to You for these *^*
ryeokii's avatar
o3o very cute!!
TNT those who steal your work just want fame
Norucchi's avatar
Absolutely adorable~
Thank you for making these~! c:
Videogamergirl18's avatar
It sucks someone stole your work :I
I love the Dangos btw
TsuneniYomikomi's avatar
I'm sorry that those jerks stole your work.
That's frustrating.

They do look very cute, though. ^^ Good job.
DevilLolita666's avatar
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These are brilliant - absolutely too adorable! Great job!
DarkLink55564's avatar
Donde los bajo??? *3*
InvaderJoi's avatar
(~"~) <--- Dango?
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Ohh de hecho, hace unos dos días estaba buscando Dangos y encontré justo estos, pero en ésta página [link] Me preguntaba por el autor, ya que como generalmente pasa, las cositas que andan por internet tienen su autor y hacen lo que se les da la gana con el trabajo ajeno. Pero me alegra haberlos encontrado aquí :) muy bonitos, lindos y bien hechos! :+favlove:
NyaAkemiChan's avatar
Kawaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii :squee:
ReiShiba's avatar
These are so adorable, especially up close. >w<
And I would do very violent things to those art thieves..
But how do you use these as status icons after downloading them?
Taryn07's avatar
very cute icons :D
MilkshakeCookie's avatar
Whats a Dango?They do look kyoot~ And, whats Clannad?
i love your work !!!
kawaaaaii !!
Mokaluver's avatar
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
thoshi11's avatar
Trust me, im the last guy to say the word cute, but these icons make even a MAN say Awww! :-P

Nice work buddy :-) They are cute indeed.
BrendonRobey911's avatar
These look brilliant, man. Been using them as icons for Pidgin and they fit perfectly.
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