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Woodman, Lion, Scarecrow, Dorothy and Toto...
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WarriorClaws's avatar
the scarecrow is just awesome!
Character-101's avatar
lol Dorothy's face it priceless :XD:
she's like "your kidding me right, your going like that?" :lol:
PurpleSquidling's avatar
i luv the scarecrow!~
he'z adorable
Zoomeia's avatar
i think this is clever. and cute
rainbowblight's avatar
this is so much fun! love the colors and surreal fun of the image!
ShamiesArt's avatar
Thats one crazy image! Nicely done!
legendbg3's avatar
LMAO..the Scarecrow is the best to me. :spyed:
shadow-pippin's avatar
What an enthralling place you mind must be...
JaeShiiZou's avatar
กรี๊ดด โตโต๊ะน่าร้าากกก
OranjeButterfly's avatar
Dorothy reminds me a little bit American McGee's Alice.
ravensamdear's avatar
Oh man, I wish I had money. I'd totally buy that! 0_0
XenoZangotta's avatar
Ahhhh~! Tinman! :P
polawat's avatar
Yes, magical-steampunk Tinman :D
XenoZangotta's avatar
Of course, the other characters are great as well. Scythe-weilding scarecrow? I'd be scared of him!
wixcat's avatar
I love the lion and the scarecrow! If the characters were like this the history would be a lot funnier!
polawat's avatar
Yes! it would be funnier :)
Kaylok's avatar
The best, most imaginative, Oz adaptation EVER![link]
You even remembered Toto! And i love that you made the cowardly lion so huge.
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