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Hallo everyone, sorry for this spam, but I created a new group only for monochrome Polaroids! 
I appreciate, when you join =)


Have a nice day!
RIP Fujifilm FP-100C :'(
Seems, this group is dead? Waiting for approval since 10th august.
Any Polaroid 250 owners here? I just recently got one. Beautiful condition, works awesomely, but I'm having one problem. Whenever I put in a new film pack the first exposures are damn near impossible to pull out. In fact, I've wasted at least 15 exposures because the tabs end up ripping and I have to open up the camera and pull them out. After the first five or six exposures are removed then the remaining ones slide out nicely, but I'm really frustrated about all the wasted film. My rollers are clean and working smoothly. Absolutely can't figure it out. Using fuiji film fb100c and fb3000b. Help me!
I'm fairly familiar with this issue, although I don't seem to run into it quite as often as you are seeming to. When the white tabs tear while I am pulling them out, I normally use a pair of tweezers to grab the remaining bits of the tab (sometimes this requires popping the back open slightly) and pull it the rest of the way out. You just have to be careful not to lift the pack out of the camera or the film will expose. I don't really think there is any way to prevent this sort of issue from occurring but rather it is something you need to be prepared to deal with when it happens, because it will happen with anyone using the old 100 series cameras.
Does a new pack slide easily into position? How easily do your rollers move when you move them? When you rotate them yourself is there a lot of resistance.. little resistance? Are your tabs straight and flush when you close the camera?

Feel free to send me a note and maybe we can figure something out. :teamwork: