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I find myself on this account less and less as time goes on, so I have decided to sell my Cavitto's so that they can find a better home, as they are not being drawn with me.

I am taking point offers and art offers. Art would be in form of Kaaring for Nordanners. :)

The Horses:

Still Available!

Aniketo 6
He has seven open breeding spots, as I don't require one.
He also has 6.5 Veritas points.
He has a dominant rare power (Partial Invisibility). 

Sold for 15 Kaaring and 1500 points. 

Another Wynter's Night 98
I love Wynter, she was a custom for me that I won. I REALLY want to see her go to a great home, so I will be very picky about who gets her. <3
She's a dom Champagne and all other fun stuff.
She has five open breeding spots, and 29 Veritas.

Surrender Honestly 1146
I never really clicked with this girl, and she deserves a good home.
First refusal goes to Abyssi-Somnis. She has seven open breeding spots, one veritas. 
Second Generation.

So, note me with offers, and I will consider them. ^^

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Are Aniketo and Surrender Honestly still available? I really love Aniketo! I could offer art payment for both of them if so.
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Is Aniketo still up for offers? O_O I am looking for my first cavitto. And Aniketo is just perfect! Unfortuantely I can only offer art .... I am trying to get points myself... So yeah, 
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can you tell me will be getting Wynter so i can link Sul and the art of to the new owner  :) 
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She is being sold to =kalmanen
purpleshadowbooster's avatar
ok  :)  i will note her  :D 
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I don't know how much points Cavittos go :ohnoes: I would love to Wynter to come home with me and Hyde <3
polariStudios's avatar
I'm taking points and art!
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I would've flashed you my tits and do a little dance on Skype apparently that would've worked according to Broke I'm Kalma from Skypedanner LOL

15 kaaring and 1500 points? ^^;
polariStudios's avatar
LOL. Broke knows me too well.
No, shes just jealous, thats why she told you no. JKJKJK.

For which ponnyy tit flasher?
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*Flails more* I have big ones they'll go over my shoulder if that's more of your thing

I'm interested in Wynter :) Aniketo is sooo pretty but Denver-tobianos OTL

(If these work for =ThatDenver, ^I coined a new phrase. Denver Tobianos, horses that will make you cry when replicating their designs.)
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Boob jealousy. >.>
I will take the points and 20 kaaring for her?
I know she is going to a good home with you. <3
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I can do that :) Aww thank you so much dearie <3 Who you'd like me to draw, and do you want pts on this account or RR? ^^
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Points to RR, yes. ^^

And can you do the kaaring of

I'll send the transfer once it's complete. ^^

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I'm interested in Wynter, she's beautiful!!
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Offer away! Haha. She is my girl, I want to see her go to a good home <3
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Do you have any set price in mind?
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I have an offer of a possible 30 kaaring right now. ^^
Tygiir's avatar
Gosh I'm so backed up with kaaring right now but 40?
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I decided to accept a points + kaaring offer from a friend of mine. Sorry!
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Nope it's fine! I completely understand!
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Surrender honestly: 25 kaaring ?
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