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Gift/Kaaring Payment/I ANIMATED. WHAT WHAT.

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:new: Just saw they blink realllly fast. Sorry. XD
Trying to work out a good speed. XD
:new: Awesome speed worked out. Hope you all enjoy. *wipes eyebrow*

I tried animating again.
But it works.

I was going to do it as a gift, but then I decided to count it as kaaring payment because of the pain I went through animating. XD
However, I hope everyone enjoys my three fan favorite nordanners.
Yes, I honestly like these guys. They are my faves. I am lucky enough to have a slot to each.


Oh, and this counts as....2.5Kaaring each.
Which means...
22/30 Kaaring on Crixus
2.5/10 Kaaring on Samurai

Horses are owned by *Justalittlelost (Crixus), *MiusEmpire (Samurai), ~TealMagpie (Faith).

Horses Involved....(from left to right)

Time Taken: 4 hours (would have been three except for those damn eyes >.>)
Ref Used: This one
Copyright: Me

Designs: On horses actual refs. ^^

Thanks! Enjoy!
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I like your work with the horses!  Wink/Razz 
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Thank you so much!
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;.; She so pretty.... 

I feel oddly proud of faith, knowing she is one of your favorite nordanners, >.>
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She was the only one who I was drawing, and then was like..."shit. She doesn't have roached mane".

So I redid my lines for her, and was like FAITHYERLUCKYILOVEYOU.
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;.; She can have any style mane! >.> I dont mind xD
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She only looks adorable with long mane xD
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