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Another Wynter's Night #98

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Wynter, my newest Cavitto. <3
Custom import, because I type fast with my face. ;D
She already has a mate, so get ready to see a lit of Fay x Wynter, as Vodka and I have decided they are a perfect pair XD

Wynter is very gentle, she is a good soul. She doesn't really understand her powers, due to the fact that she uses them as little as she physically can. She is very pretty (something I did not justice with in this ref, sorry guys <3). She is trained in mounted archery, and other medieval sports.

ID: # 98
Name: Another Wynter's Night
Breed: Cavitto
Gender: Mare
Age: 5 years in this photo. (See journal for actual ages)
Path: Exalted
Power: Storm
Color: Sable Champagne Splash Tobiano
Genotype: Ee/ata/SplSpl/TT/ChCh/nStr
Registry: Pending
Guardian: Not yet
Secondary powers: Not yet
Path-Wings: Not yet

Breed: :iconcavitto:
Design: =Cloudrunner64
Template: Me
Ref: None. O:
Image size
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#1164 Megara has reached Dedicated status, giving you +1 Veratis for lineage.
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There’s been a slight mistake on her import sheet, she should be a Classic Champagne, instead of a Sable, if you wouldn’t mind changing it for future breedings. Thank you!
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When I ordered her she was a Sable. She was a custom import. O.o
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Easily fixed! Simply change the aa part of her genotype to Ata for the sable.
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I will do that when I get home then ^^
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:eyes: Sporty and Pretty.

She so wonderful my mind can't comprehend :P
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<3 this is why I love you.

I'm starting the Wynter Fay grooming pic today, :D
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I wuff you too :heart:

Yay!!! I should probably start drawing the Fay and Wyn breeding and other pictures today too huh :P

I can start now that Wyn's ref is up woot woot!!!
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The itching pick can be them being a cute bonding couple.
You can do the breeding pic.

And then we should draw out her pregnancy, because I feel like Fae is totally protective type.

You can draw Fae giving her happy dreams because she isn't sleeping well (the foal kicks a lot)
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Ok breeding pic. On it. Early pregnancy. Got it.
Happy dreams. Got it!

And for my foal out of Wyn, what would you like me to do :meow: anything else??
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I will help you do pics for that pregnancy too, haha.

I decided Anne is going to be one of THOSE foals, that make the mare really uncomfortable and are always kicking. XD
So she is in for a wild ride, haha.
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YAY okie :iconmeowscrollplz:
Woot!! Danke!! We could do that one a bit later though. So Anne has a little sister. :heart:

Aww poor Wyn. Fay will comfort her. He could kiss away the pain.

I WILL KISS AWAY THE PAAAIN *singing like a loser*
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Fay is Wyn's rock. haha.

I am doing a join.me soon for the bonding pic, so you can watch, haha. <3
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