Should I hold on to faith or?

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How long has it been?
Is time even a consistent factor to consider in all of this?
So many of my brethren seem to have vanished without a trace, or maybe I was the one that vanished? This world definitely doesn't resemble the image of Earth in my memories.


Is someone out there? I feel a familiar presence. Yes! You're one who shares my blood, aren't you? Gods, was I starting to feel lonely! I can tell you're far away, but just knowing you're somewhere is enough.


What do you think of all of this? If you're like me, you also lost your home. Are you mad about it? Do you understand why things happened the way they did?

Do you blame Them?

Or does every fiber of your being tell you that you need to help Them?

We may be immortal, but I don't think the Fates are going to be so kind as to allow us to dwell in doubt for long. You can feel it too, can't you? Our ties to the Gods are growing weaker as time marches onward. We need to act.

But can we really save Them?

Do we want to save Them?

Is it possible that Some deserve to be saved over the Others?

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself there, didn't I? I'm Thyo, can't tell if we've met before or not so pleased to meet you, I guess!
I'm a former resident of The Underworld, a devoted follower of my beloved Lord Hades, even if He found me to be a nuisance most of the time. Can't really blame Him though, I was never one for formalities, and I'm preeeetty sure I caused Him to suffer some embarrassing situations a couple... Hundred... Thousand times. Oops?

Anyway, I think I've just reached my conclusion while talking to you!
I'm going to do everything within my reach to restore my Lord's powers to their former glory, even if it means trampling any that would harm Him or those closest to Him. There is no doubt in my mind that if anyone deserves saving, it is Him.

The deities of the Sky and Sea can take a permanent trip through Styx when we're done for all I care.
My home is my priority.

I am Faithful. To Hades.

What about you?

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:heart: Once this weekend is over I'll actually be able to properly get back on track, its been manic for the last few months XD  Glad to see updates and more info :) 
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The last few months have been crazy for me as well, I totally understand :giggle:
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Girl! you threw me off for a second there!! So thought you were asking if you should hold onto Faith.. and I'm like YES OF COURSE YOU DO!!! :faint:

But this seems interesting.. can't wait to find out what this is all about
PolarisAstrum's avatar
My evil plan worked Ebil Laugh
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:jawdrop: :shakefist: :rofl:
Cant wait to see what its all about though
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This is going to be so fun :la:
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Ok for a hot sec i thought you were talking about yourself and religious fervor... so glad to see this !
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I'm not gonna lie, I may have done that intentionally :lol:
So curious to see people's takes on this. I already know what most of my ponies will be doing, though there are a few that are being a bit of a pain to figure out xD

All will be revealed this weekend :eyes:
Well, maybe not all. Can't spill everything out at once, it will spoil the fun haha.
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Ahhh I'm excited!
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Choices choices choices :giggle: It's going to be great to see everyone's take on this part!
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