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Welcome to our referral program, where you can win stuff by bringing people over to the darkside, oops scratch that, breed!

Please note, as the breed grows, the levels and rewards on this program may be adjusted accordingly.

How this works

Did you talk to someone about the breed, and they decided they also need an Aksi in their life?

Or maybe you advertised a slot sale that attracted someone who doesn't have one yet?

Perhaps you happened to mention you're entering one of our shows/events, and one of your friends decided to enter as well!

When someone new gets their first Aksi, because you referred/mentioned/advertised/etc. the breed, you can get something in return according to the total number of people that joined the Guardian family because of you.

Bullet Blue Referrals are only validated when the new guardian registers their first Aksiothos;

Bullet Blue For the referral to count, the person needs to list your username at the top of the description of their first horse's registration image (the mention can be removed once the image has been accepted);

Bullet Blue Keep in mind that the group will not "force" referrals, and you should not harass someone into putting you as their referral, if you do so, you may get a punishment.

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Using alt accounts or creating dummy accounts for fake referrals will get you banned from the group.

The rewards

Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! One valid referral

100 laurels

One item from the Sightseer/Hoof Soldier or Explorer/Captain tiers

Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Three valid referrals

200 laurels

One item from the Trailblazer/General tier

Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Five valid referrals

500 laurels

Early access to one Akros/Aksios Essence of your choosing to apply to a horse that hasn't reached the corresponding level yet

Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Seven valid referrals

One item from the Conqueror/Warlord tier

Your choice of one of the Shifting Essences

Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Ten valid referrals

Special Extra Loving x1

One breeding slot to one Natural Demigod Aksiothos (may be sold, traded, gifted, etc.)

Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Fifteen valid referrals

One semi-custom Natural Aksiothos*

*You pick a base color and one dilution (optional), one white pattern or leopard complex pattern (optional), and/or one modifier (optional) but the design itself is made by us.

Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Twenty valid referrals


Claiming rewards

Every time there's a new valid referral in your name, the referral sheet will be updated.

You can check on that sheet to keep track of how many referrals you have, and what levels you can unlock or have already unlocked.

To claim a reward once you reach a certain level, you only need to note the group with the title "Referral Reward Claim" and we'll handle everything from there.


Will be added as they arise.

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