Breed Origins (Thyo's version)

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Here you can find our breed history and origin in writing, as it was originally told by Thyo.

Oh hi, I almost didn't see you there, what with you being so tiny and all! I was told that there are some curious souls out there that want to know more about my kind, and I'm here to share my knowledge on the subject.
But first things first, I'm Methyo. Please call me Thyo though, "Methyo" is way too serious of a name for someone like me.
I'm sorry in advance if you're shocked by my account of the events that led to the founding of my breed. People tell me I can be a bit... blunt?
Whatever! Here's how the story goes:
A long time ago in a secluded land far away from human sight, there lived a kind of horse like no other. They had no name, and they weren't really known outside of the realms of myth and wonder. Basically, no one thought they really existed, because they didn't care for the world outside and were never seen.
Their lives were pretty boring, doing the same thing day after day, in a "perfect" world where nothing ever happened.
Nobody knows how they came to be, not even themselves. Well, at least that's what the older Origins tell us, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have just forgotten about it, they are old after all, memory problems usually come with that.
Anyway, these horses looked weird... I mean, I'm not exactly normal looking myself (for the love of Gaia, don't touch the amethyst), but boy, were they strange looking with their intricate designs and nature patterns.
Even worse, they enjoyed using a power called Shapeshifting to turn themselves partially or fully into another animal. They could also use some powerful magic, which allowed them to shape their surroundings according to their will, and make sure there was no shortage of food, water, shelter, etc.
See what I meant about boring? What's life without any risks!?
For not even the Gods know how long, they carried on this way.
The Titans ruled the Earth, unopposed in their strength... That is until a certain fateful event that would change the hierarchy of the deities, and the lives of my ancestors forever.

You probably know how the story goes: the Titans were under the rule of Kronos who, after stealing his father Ouranos' throne as King of the Titans, pretty much decided to become like him and be a terrible ruler. Ouranos told Kronos that he would one day be dethroned by his own children, just as he had been by his son, and well... That made him go paranoid while in power.
As his wife Rhea gave birth to each of Kronos' children, he would swallow them whole in an attempt to stop them from overthrowing him. But when Zeus was born, Rhea wrapped a stone in cloth pretending that it was their child, and Kronos swallowed it instead.
Zeus was raised in safety by Amalthea until he became an adult, deceived his father and, with the help of Metis and a peculiar concoction, made Kronos throw up his siblings, releasing them.
It may seem like a fairly farfetched story to you, but let me tell you, I've met with some of the protagonists of this "tale"...
Just believe me that it is not really that farfetched. Olympian Gods, Titans, Gigantes, etc. they are all pretty crazy.
The sibling Gods then rebelled against the Titans under Zeus' leadership, and this was when the bubble of bliss that kept my ancestors closed off from the rest of the world finally burst.

Zeus' rebellion against Kronos and the other Titans resulted in a war that lasted for ten years, which became known as the "Titanomachy". The conflict tore the heavens, earth, and seas apart while the siblings Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus fought for dominion over the Titans, in an effort to prove themselves worthy of being the next rulers of the Universe.
During this time, not even the isolated land my ancestors lived in escaped their rampage. One day the Titan Atlas led his allies to their home, wanting to secure it as their territory, completely ignoring the fact that there were other creatures living there that, you know, didn't exactly care for the temper tantrums and shenanigans of the deities.
Unfortunately for Atlas, if there was one thing these horses were not going to give up was their perfect, peaceful residence, so they were met with fierce resistance upon their arrival. Combining the variety of powers available to them, my predecessors caught the Titans off-guard and managed to fight off their initial advances. But their victory was far from being set in stone. Eventually the odds turned against them, and they ended up being driven from their home.
If you ask me, that's the best thing that could have happened to them, there was finally something going on in their lives after all. I'm sure most won't agree with me though, but it's not like they didn't get something out of it in end.
I mean, the Titans may have closed that door, but the Olympians later opened up a huge gate!

With their home now occupied by inconsiderate b-...
With their home now occupied by the Titans, my ancestors had nowhere left to go. They split into groups and roamed through unknown lands in an attempt to make sense of what had happened. At the time, they still didn't know about the conflict between the two generations of deities, and thus hadn't figured out the true magnitude of what had transpired.
When they reunited and shared the information they gathered, it was obvious they were in big trouble, and the chances of them recovering what they had lost by themselves were slim.
Hearing about the failed efforts of those mysterious equines in defending their home, Zeus appeared to my ancestors asking them for their aid in battle. The reward? If their side emerged victorious, they would be able to remove the unwanted guests from their territory and return there.
Obviously, they didn't exactly appreciate the offer, the young gods were also responsible for the war after all, so Zeus left them with the promise of returning later to know their answer, leaving them to decide on what they wanted to do next.
I personally would have said yes immediately, imagine how awesome it was to participate in such a huge event! Origins would have been lucky just to witness it, let alone take part in it!
Anyway, deep down they knew they had no chance to take the Titans by themselves, and then Zeus went and freed the Hecatonchires and Cyclops from the Earth, so at they point they knew the future Olympians meant business. So when he returned, they accepted.
Taking in creatures with such powerful and mostly unknown abilities as allies helped turn the tide of battle in favor of the Olympians. I'm telling you, this is the one event that makes me proud of my ancestry. The Origins were fearless, which isn't that surprising since they were fighting for all they had ever known. In their hearts and minds, there was nothing left for them if they couldn't return to their utopia.
And so, they took to battle alongside the sons and daughters of Kronos.

The roles of these steeds in the Titanomachy were varied. Some of them galloped into the fields serving as mounts for the Gods, others used their abilities and intelligence to trick the enemies. They even helped pull carriages, carrying weapons, and were involved directly into physical battles like proper soldiers. Their different elemental affinities and shapeshifting made them versatile creatures. Any role you can think of for someone in battle or support, it's likely one of the Origins did it.
The scales were decisively tipped in favor of the siblings when Poseidon, joined by a group of Origins, managed to trap Kronos' main ally Atlas, and cut him off from the rest of the Titans.
Without one of their most important leaders, the Titan's side began to weaken, and the remaining Olympians were able to corner the rest of them more easily.
The battle was over.
The bothers and sisters claimed their victory over the older generation. The Titans were imprisoned in Tartaros, and the winners claimed dominion over the Universe.
Atlas received the special punishment of being made to hold the sky for his role in the war, and in turn my ancestors were about to receive their reward for their part...
Except there was nothing to reward them with. Their home had vanished during the conflict.
It was only much later that it was discovered that it now rested at the bottom of the sea, and remains that way until this very day.

So what now?
After dealing with the mighty Titans, the Olympians now had a herd of powerful and angry horses to handle. Again, they were also at fault for what had happened!
Who sunk it? No one knows.
Can we get it back? Turns out damage done by deities isn't that easily fixed, imagine that!
Zeus, Poseidon and Hades met to decide who would get what. As you know, Zeus got the Sky, Poseidon the Seas, and Hades the Underworld. Some people say Hades got the short end of the stick, but they've obviously never been to the Underworld, it's such a cool place. The Earth was left with no owner and as common ground to all.
But what of the horses?
During their meeting, the three brothers came up with the idea of letting them live among them. They could no longer offer what had been promised initially, but they still wanted to reward those creatures for their bravery and loyalty. And they likely didn't want to bring their wrath upon them either, they had JUST gotten rid of one conflict!
The new offer was extended to the Origins, who were hesitant to accept it at first, but I mean, it's a pretty irresistible proposal, right? Of course they agreed to it in the end.
The Gods dubbed them "Aksiothos", which I've been told has something to do with being "fit" or "worthy" or whatever, and my ancestors starting living and sharing their lives with the deities from then on.
I told you the Olympians had opened a huge gate!

As time went by, the Aksiothoi aided the Gods in their daily activities, some even serving them, and they were pampered with gifts in return. Their existences became closely intertwined, but the divinities were no closer to solving the mystery of their origin.
Worse yet, the horses weren't that many in number the Gods thought, and they could definitely do with more of these useful equines, so they tried to encourage them to breed.
Well, my ancestors weren't having any of that. They were immortal horses, and they considered themselves to be plenty in number, why would they need to reproduce? The interest simply wasn't there.
Still, not all of them were completely uncooperative, and as with the Titans and Olympians, a new generation of Aksiothoi was born. However, while their parents had fantastical colors and patterns, these new foals mostly looked like your average horse. They were big, muscular, sleek-coated like their sires and dams, but their coats were normal.
The deities decided to make a division between them, the first started being called "Origins" and the second "Scions". You could say that's discrimination, and I would totally agree.
Scions didn't have any problems throwing more foals around though, so eventually the Gods stopped bothering the Origins, and started using the Scions to develop the breed.
Since it was a bit meaningless to register which Origin parents gave birth to which Scions at that point, it was decreed that there would be no records of breedings between Origins, and only the ancestry of Scion foals would be registered.
And so the "Aksiothos" became known as a proper breed of horse, one specifically tied to the Greek Gods.
Everyone was happy until one day the unthinkable happened.

The Gods and Aksiothoi lived comfortably for countless centuries, too comfortably you might say. As the world around them changed, an important shift in human kind went by mostly unnoticed: they were losing their faith in the divinities.
Only when their powers began diminishing in strength did they finally wake up to what was happening, but it was already too late. Mankind had moved on, they were no longer an important part of people's daily lives.
They were faced with two alternatives:
Let themselves be forgotten and cast away to the depths of memory and history, becoming only a myth.
Or secure a way to regain human faith in them.
The Gods pondered on their next step. They didn't wish to be forgotten, obviously. What's a God without someone to adore them?
But how could they make mankind believe in them again? The answer was: the Aksiothoi.
The Gods were becoming frail, but the horses weren't as badly affected, and so the deities turned to them for help one more time.
Gathering the last of their energies, they sent all of the Aksiothoi to Earth, hoping their loyal steeds would succeed in spreading their word once more.
That was the day we all lost consciousness, drifting off to the land of dreams as our homes disappeared before our eyes.
When we woke up, we had lost all contact with the Gods. Once again, my kind lost their place in this world. First a sunken birthplace, now vanished wonderlands where everything we wanted was immediately available to us.
We had to adapt to our new reality though, or we'd be doomed to suffer the same fate, there was no choice.
Many of us became content with our new role, after being given enough time after the initial shock, that is. Others... not so much. Not everyone is pleased with the actions of the Gods and this... solution.
There are lot of different and diverging feelings regarding this event, and you could say some are resentful towards them, and even the humans.
And now, outside the godly realms, a new chapter to our stories has begun to unfold and be told.

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Thank you so much for doing this, makes it super quick to fact check when you need to :D
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z0mbiekid thankfully pointed this out to me! I had planned on uploading a version like this back then, but it totally slipped my mind until he mentioned it!
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Ditto to what Elandria said, I love that you did this <3