Alignments: An Intro

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So, the Aksiothoi were separated from the Greek Gods and sent on a mission to restore faith in the deities. But what now?
This isn't some simple, straightforward task. There are many ways to go about it, and it's up to each individual horse to decide on what to do from here on.

While the group will provide an official base of events through competitions, story bits, etc., you're free to choose whether to follow or base your own horse's adventures on these events, or just do your own thing.
One such base are Alignments.

So what exactly are these?

All throughout Ancient Greek history, there were those who followed specific deities and sought to earn their favors and blessings. In a similar vein, during their time living with the Gods, the Aksiothoi also tended to be more or less tied to specific Gods or places, and naturally, for those that wish to help them, they can be more inclined to "spread the word" about those they feel more attached to.

For now, the official Alignments are as follows:


For horses that want to fulfill the task given to them by the Gods and restore faith in Them once more.
Aksiothoi in this alignment are divided into three categories:
Faithful (Zeus) - Includes those most dedicated to the ruler of the Skies and Mount Olympus, and/or any deities closely related to them.
Faithful (Poseidon) - Includes those most dedicated to the ruler of the Oceans and Seas, and/or any deities closely related to them.
Faithful (Hades) - Includes those most dedicated to the ruler of the Dead and The Underworld, and/or any deities closely related to them.


For horses that are not interested in the Gods' wishes, for whatever reason.

Why the hard line drawn within the Faithful categories?

Shhh, that's a secret for now ;) Though Thyo's message may hold some clues as to the reason why.
It will all be revealed in time.

Okay, but what are these for?

Well, aside from working as possible story devices for your plots, they'll play an important and key role in the "official" version of the story. Through these, the community itself will be able to influence how things go from our starting point, and there will be events made for this exact purpose. An example of such events will be times where different Alignments will be pitted against each other.
Said events will also hold special sets of prizes that cannot be obtained through other means.

Is that all of them?

Nope, as the lore of the breed develops, there will be more Alignments/categories making a debut.

Can my Aksiothos switch Alignments?

It sure can! We all know how things go: stuff happens, plans change, and so on. The only time where horses will be forbidden to switch sides is during the related events themselves. For example, once you've signed up your horse for the Faithless alignment, you won't be able to change it until the event ends/another one begins.

You're in charge of how things will go for your own horses, and aside from following event prompts/themes, the way you tell their stories and what happens is still completely up to you.

Finally, it's hard to cover every possible doubt while trying to keep this vague enough so as not to spoil the fun, so please leave your comments on this journal if you have any questions that are more specific!

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Glad you think so!
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I love this. :heart:

Does the 'Faithful to Hades' Alignment include all chthonic deities ,including primordial ones (like Nyx or Erebus) that technically predate both, the titans and olympians or only specific ones?
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Yes, related primordial deities are included. As long as you steer clear of the Titans themselves, and they're related to the God (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades) or "place" (Sky, Seas, The Underworld) in question, they're included. So Nyx and Erebus would be fine for the Faithful (Hades) alignment :nod:
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Since this just jumped into my head.
Can faithless Aksiothoi theoretically go like 'screw the gods' and align with somebody like Prometheus, who's somehow a titan but also
somehow not, just because it can?
PolarisAstrum's avatar
Yup! Siding with imprisoned/banished/whatever titans is a no-no for faithful ponies, but for a faithless one it's totally okay. The Faithless alignment will inevitably be divided into categories at some point too, but for now it encompasses anything between "don't care" to "I'll just make friends with your enemies instead".
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I know at least one who totally goes like 'screw you I'll make friends with the enemy' and that's Scuzzle. XD
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Just out of curiosity where would Eros go? 
He's a primordial deity like Gaia, Nyx and Erebus but his name is also used as another name of Amor who's Aphrodite's son 
and an olympian. As primodial Eros he's the third creation of Khaos, right after Gaia and Tartarus and if I remember right he's
also the 'deity' all other gods fear because he has power of them all. *looks at Zeus who can't keep it in his pants thanks to Eros*
He kinda does not fit in any alignments...for now at least.

Titans(esses) siding with the olympians can not be included even if they have later been considered gods like Metis and Themis right?
PolarisAstrum's avatar
I would say that even the primordial Eros would fall into the Zeus "side" since he's later associated with Aphrodite after/during her birth and she is a resident of Mt. Olympus. This isn't to say that there might not be later categories where he would fit in better in the future ;)

Those who sided with the future Olympians (+ Hades :giggle:) could possibly be considered for the Faithful alignments, if they weren't later punished or confined to Tartarus. Metis does have the little detail of being swallowed by Zeus in his frustrated attempt to stop her from conceiving his child, so she's a tricky one to figure out! I'd say that would be enough to exclude her from the Faithful alignment, even with her helping Zeus free his siblings before the Titanomachy. I'm not too sure if there is info about what happened to Metis and what her relationship with the Olympians was after that incident?
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She technically continued carrying the child inside of Zeus because that's how Athena happened.
If I'm not wrong she became later either an aspect of Athena or was reversed into a primordial
spirit entity and personification of wisdom and good advice. Sources wary like everything in 

I would say she's a case like Eros and Tartarus. So faithful to Zeus because her connection to Athena?
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Yup, I'd say that could work! I didn't even think of the association with Athena, my brain for some reason stopped at "She is swallowed. Athena is born. The end." xD In that sense, her association with her Olympian daughter Athena can work for the Faithful alignment as well.
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I just remembered she's also a Oceanid which links her to some degree to Poseidon as well.
So faithful to Zeus or faithful to Poseidon or both?
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Unfortunately, both is not an option because reasons :shifty: But in that case, I'd say it would be up to you to choose according to what fits your narrative best.
Let's use Persephone as an example. She's not an Olympian. Any horse that would be dedicated to her would more than likely fit the Hades side of the Faithful alignment, she's the queen of The Underworld after all.
Buuuut she also spends 2/3 of the year with her Olympian mother Demeter, so you could possibly argue that the horse could also fit into Zeus' side, because Persephone is closely related to an Olympian. So it would greatly depend on which "facet" of Persephone you wanted to play with. Could be that the horse itself would also be separated from Persephone when she was with Demeter and remain by Hades' side while she was away, or vice-versa.

Hermes is another good example. He's an Olympian, but he also as a role as a guide to The Underworld. So you can also argue that a horse dedicated to him would fit on either Zeus or Hades' side in that sense, and so it would be up to you to decide as either would be acceptable.

Also, thank you for all the questions. Greek mythology is not all that straight-forward to figure out (well, most myths aren't anyway xD ), so it's nice having this discussion to get these things "out of the way" haha.
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