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Messages From Above - Group News (Nov 7th)

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Hello guardians!

Welcome to our new format for keeping up with Aksiothos group happenings. We will be updating this deviation every time there's something new or important happening in the group, so you guys will be notified, so keep an eye out for this image popping up in your watch, if you're interested.
Alternatively, you can always join us on Discord to keep up with things and stuff :heart:

Updates (November 7th 2020)

Hey everyone, college is currently kicking my ass a bit, so I've been a little silent.
Our last event just ended, and there will be a new one coming soon, which is going to be a giveaway for a custom Origin Aksiothos. Keep your eyes out for that :eyes:

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

Previous update:
Updates (September 17th 2020)
  • Parade of the Essences has been judged and the winners announced;
  • As you might have noticed, our Guide To Colors has been updated with the old journal being replaced. You can now have access to visual examples to go along with the written descriptions of each gene/allele/characteristic;
  • Similarly to what's happening to mostly everyone around the world, life has been kicking us in the teeth a lot for a while now. We want to apologize for the lack of updates and things to do. We've been (slowly) working on things behind the scenes, but unfortunately there's not much progress to show as of yet. Here's a list of things that are being worked on:
    - NPC artwork/character design (for your friendly, and not so friendly, breed researcher, messenger, stable keeper, essence master, blessing evoker, and marketplace seller);
    - Emblem origin sheets and visual examples, along with designing of the NPC horses from which each Emblem was originated (you can keep up with the progress on the designs through this link :eyes: );
    - Item artwork for all the Essences;
    - Info sheets for breed origins, conformation, etc.;
    - Reference sheets for Emblem NPCs and our main story teller, Thyo;
    - Further development of the Alignment system;
    - A proper item bank.
  • There are also new additions coming like elemental affinities and shapeshifting abilities (hint: if you take a close look to the Emblem NPCs, you might find something :eyes:), and possibly a new Emblem more towards the end of the year, depending on if activity increases until then;
  • The Pantheon has been put on hold until activity picks up again;
  • A new monthly task that will run until October 31st will be posted in the coming week.

And that's it for now! Once again, our apologies for the lack of things to do in the past few months, we promise to start throwing things at you guys again very soon <3
Stay safe everyone,
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