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In the beginning (Aksiothos Story Intro)

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Thyo decided to take it upon himself to tell the backstory of his breed to anyone who will listen.
For the next few days, I'll be uploading more bits of the story, while some Scions (horses) will be put up for adoption, and more information blogs will be uploaded.
Keep an eye out on the group if you're interested in owning one of these ponies!

Huuuuge thanks to my sister LivingInThisFantasy for doing this artwork and putting all of this together in flash while I stress out about posting blogs and the group launch event :lol: Go give her lots of love, she's the best!

If you're having trouble viewing this file, you can find the still images here sta.sh/21q51i01tuhw.
Or you can click download instead if you can see the file, but it looks too big. (with changes made on DA, this option no longer seems to be working, this file will be updated with a smaller scale later)

Artwork © to LivingInThisFantasy
Methyo and writing © to PolarisAstrum 

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1920x1080px 1.87 MB
© 2018 - 2020 PolarisAstrum
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Much as I love these, would it be possible to transpose the story into a single blog for easy mobile reading?
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Woo thank you!
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DA seems to have also gone and changed the download option, so it doesn't work like before where it would scale the file down to fit the viewer's computer screen. I'll need to go back and scale these to smaller sizes now until we have the "final and complete" version ready to be uploaded, because my sister wants to add a bunch of fancy things to the final one :lol:
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Yeah the only way I could view it was by going through the stash files, but da also helpfully removed the 'next' and 'previous' buttons from it so I had to keep clicking and then pressing back 8) super helpful
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I've gone ahead and added links to the descriptions of the sta.sh files as well so people can click through them in order to help with that.
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That is excellent 8) thank you
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You're welcome, thank you for pointing that out!
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Yes, and I totally meant to do that and it completely slipped my mind. Keeping this comment in my inbox so I remember to upload the blog entry to the group :stare:
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This is amazing!!! I am so excited for this group!!!
PolarisAstrum's avatar
Thank you :heart: I'm so glad people are excited about it :la:
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Oh wow this came out amazingly!!! Can't wait to see what happens with this group!
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Love how you did this
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ohhh man you both did great with this :O  can't wait to get one of there guys <3
purpleshadowbooster's avatar
you're welcome :la:  i am guessing there going to be a prat 2? :P
PolarisAstrum's avatar
Yup! Part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow c:
purpleshadowbooster's avatar
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :la:
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This is so amazing and exciting - PolarisAstrum and LivingInThisFantasy , you both should be so proud of what you guys have created!
LivingInThisFantasy's avatar
Thank you Requay! <3 (here I go, replying almost after a month XD) I'm just helping out my sis with some artsy stuff for now, but hopefully I'll be much more active in the group soon! She's the one that has all the awesome ideas, so most of the credit goes to her. :heart:
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