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StreamSketch2! - The escape artist

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I have to say this is the best picture I’ve drawn so far. I LOVE it.
I am honestly very proud of the fact that I gave birth to such a nice expression on her face.

We went for a pillar at first, ignoring anatomy because we can. Then we mentioned locks, that made me think of keys. 
So yeah. Here’s the amazing story from the client:

"Alyssa was one of the worlds most famous illusionists & escape artists.  She traveled the globe performing & pulling off feats that were impossible.  Alyssa the Great was her stage name, she kept it classy & traditional.  She didn’t like flashy & extreme like other performers of this generation, she was a much more classical magician. That was probably why she was more popular, families could go & see her show without fears of skimpy clothes, near naked assistants, extreme gory violence or that stuff.

She had a trusted crew to help run the show with only 3 assistants to help her on stage with her most trusted secrets.  She was s real diva backstage at times & this week was one of those weeks.  She was gonna be performing one of her biggest shows of the year in Italy for hundreds of people.  It was a sold out show & she was striving for it to go perfectly.  Rehearsals were running twice as long as the show was because she wanted it perfect!

The assistants & crew were getting fed up with her all week.  The

slightest mistake or delay or lateness was rewarded with top of her lungs yelling & belittling.  They had had enough of her crap this week & had banded together to come up with a great prank for Alyssa at the big show this weekend!  Boy was she gonna get the surprise of her life during the finale of the show.

«Days Later»

The day was here & the big show was already well underway.  Alyssa stood before a sold out crowd of 600 people in this large theatre! She had performed a various array of tricks & small escapes thru the 2 hours of the show already.  The big jumbotrons projected the stage big enough for everyone to see clearly, even those all the way in the back of the theatre.  But now was the time for her big finale & the for her unexpected comeuppance!

A slightly large open box was brought out onto the stage by her

assistants.  They set it down near the front of the stage & it landed with a pretty loud thud!  They asked for some volunteers from the audience to inspect the box during its prep.  They picked out 4 folks from all over the theatre & brought them up on stage to all sides of the box.

The first of the volunteers was a tall elegantly dressed woman in her early 30’s in a black sparkling gown.  The second was a middle aged man in a grey suit that matched his silver hair.  The third was a young 18 year old girl who wore a cute short white dress & black tights with silver heels.  The last was a young guy in his young 20’s in a nice tux that appeared abit red like he was nervous.

They were each placed on a side of the box to observed the prepping of the escape to ensure Alyssa was trapped.  The assistants grabbed some bolts & used some power tools to drive them into the stage floor thru metal brackets at the corners of the box to secure it to the floor.

They next opened the box up, the top was hinged at the back & the front side facing the crowd could split open just abit into a V shape.

The interior of the box was fully covered in well padded soft black velvet for comfort.

Alyssa came out onto the stage in just a simple black pant suit with a white button up loose shirt.  She was barefoot which was abit odd for her but she wanted to be comfortable for the next part as it wasalready very demanding of her flexibility.  She shook hands with each volunteer & had them pat her down & inspect her clothes & body to make sure there were no hidden keys or assisting devices.  She took then stepped into the box as she laid down inside it, her legs bent along the back wall & her hands resting on these two half circle slots near the bottom of the front side.

The assistants held her head still as they pushed the front sides back in & sealed in her hands at the bottom & formed a half circle under her neck to which she laid her neck upon.  The volunteers watched intently as they saw there were no tricks, she was flexible but could tell that it hurt alittle to be in the position she was about to bend into. The assistants grabbed her ankles & placed them into these slots near the top corners of the box & then they flipped the lid back over.  This slotted into the front like a perfect puzzle piece & sealed in her neck & ankles where they were tight but snug & a latch swung down over each side of her neck.

The latches crossed under the neck to form a circle & appeared hidden with the neck stock.  A large & very old lock was brought out & inspected by the volunteers only to find it was a real lock that was actually really heavy.  The lock was threaded thru the circle from the latches under Alyssa’s neck & clicked shut.  Each volunteer took a turn tugging it to make sure it was locked, & yes it was.  The volunteers also were allowed to check & make sure the box was sealed tight.

After checking, the volunteers were led back to their seats as the

assistants all left the stage but one who held a big ring of keys likeon an old prison.  She placed it just below Alyssa’s hands & then she gave the audience a grin as she stood up & held up a finger to her lips to keep a secret & winked.  She held up a single key & giggled as she placed it on a hook on the box just above/behind Alyssa’s head.

She was too busy already straining her hands & muscles to stretch to reach the keys.

Lucky for Alyssa, a single key from the ring was propped on the box & she was able to grip it with her fingers & pull the key set up with it.  This escape was the crowd fav even if it wasn’t that special. It was more about trying to get out as fast as possible  because the longer she was locked in, the more pain may be caused from being bent so tight inside the box.  Then there was the fact that her hands were locked so tight, that she cant reach the keys at all or really turn the lock with how little she could turn her hands.  The neck stock also limited her head movement, so she couldn’t look down to see what she was doing. She began to fumble thru the keys as she began to try to get one into the lock & try to unlock the massive lock. It took her a minute or two before she got the key into the lock only for it to not turn at all. As she moved the key to the back of the set, the lights dimmed on stage & a spotlight came on to focus on her.  Then something horrible began, she felt a set of soft fingers scrape along one of her immobile feet!  Her face looked shocked as she gasped, giggled & then bit her lip to refrain from laughing & dropping the keys.  Next, a pair of hands began to tickle attack her other foot. 

Alyssa knew this wasn’t part of the escape but the crowd didn’t & laughed at her predicament as she tried to keep from laughing.  Her toes spasm wildly & feet flail as best as the can while she begins to fumble with the keys with laughter escaping between her clenched teeth & lips.  Her eyes searched the crowd for something but all she saw were laughing faces…. Laughing at her.  She was soo embarrassed & the tickling was getting harder.  She couldn’t look up to see who was tickling her, but they were gonna get a yelling & scolding when she was let out.

The stage light got more focused on Alyssa & felt brighter.  She began to cry alittle from the strain her body was taking, the slight pain & then how much it tickled like crazy!  She was losing track of time & keys.  Why hadn’t any opened the lock!?  Her body was thrashing within the box causing her more discomfort & slight pain.  She felt the keys slipping & couldn’t afford to drop them or she would be trapped inside for who knows how long these bastards were gonna keep her like this.

She was beginning to smile more as more laughter was escaping her lips as her feet squirmed frantically now, toes clenching & unclenching. She was crying more now & the tears were dripping off her face onto her hands making her fingers slippery & she felt the keys nearly drop. From just off the side of the stage, her Assistants were practically on the floor laughing their asses off at her humiliation. She was turning red as the audience was laughing at her & mocking her ticklish feet & how she couldn’t escape such a simple box & trick.  Oh how this was gonna be everywhere after the show ended & all over the internet & news!

The assistants continued to watch her be tortured by some magic gloves of hers from one of her tricks.  They all agreed that they would keep her trapped like this for another hour or two, if they were gonna get yelled at by her, might as well make it worth it….”

UHNFF the best.

contact me: partofthetest@gmail.com


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beautiful revenge !!!!

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PhuramHobbyist Digital Artist
Great pic. I like situations where someone is stuck like this.  The feet and ehr expression looks very nice.

And I do like the idea of an escape artist  trying tog et out while she is getting tickled. I do have a hunch that noone of the keys she has are gonna fit that lock and she'll be stuck there for a while XD
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Awesome, congrats ! Good luck, poor girl :laughing:

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PolarBearNSFWProfessional General Artist
Thanks :) she'll spend there quite a bit
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Love her face, she looks so afraid ! Would like to watch that kind of show everyday :psychotic:

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PolarBearNSFWProfessional General Artist
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CastroFetishHobbyist Photographer
LOVE the scenario here ;D
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Nice work!
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PolarBearNSFWProfessional General Artist
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HeartsPoundingHobbyist Writer
Damn, what a picture! :O
Gotta be honest though... I don't like it. I LOVE IT! :la:
The story that goes along with it is good too, and really improves the experience for us viewers. :clap:
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PolarBearNSFWProfessional General Artist
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itsme210Hobbyist General Artist
That's evil. I might have to try that out someday >:3
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PolarBearNSFWProfessional General Artist
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NecromanSaraHobbyist Writer
Hm... this was pretty good. I especially liked the line on how the assistant secretly put the real key on the hook near the top of the box and winked to the crowd for some reason.
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PolarBearNSFWProfessional General Artist
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Nice! I like the concept!
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nice position if you are flexible enough for it.
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PolarBearNSFWProfessional General Artist
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I love this pic, very creative and unique idea/position 
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VazarushHobbyist Artist
The attention to her expression and pose is excellent!  I love the story!
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PolarBearNSFWProfessional General Artist
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Wow, that was a hot story & sexy pic!
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PolarBearNSFWProfessional General Artist
thanks! :)
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