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Well i thought i needed a new journal entry my old one is dated back to Christmas ! CHRISTMAS god im so lazy lol
anyways my cloud strife drawing is almost sorta finished , all i have to do now is the hair which WILL take FOREVER unfortunately but im hoping it will be worth it.
thank you so much for all the birthday wishes ! you have made my day even better ! though im slightly depressed how quickly my year has gone and how little i appear to have done on DA
In my defense ive been doing so many exams i literally could lie down and cry like right here , like now and i got some really serious exam results on my birthday (which is actually on the 7th da is a bit late but im celebrating it on the 10th so its ok ) so while everyone was depressed at their results there's me holding a knife going "do you want some cake ?!" ahaha iv had to do quite alot of school related art , if your interested in seeing it tell me because if people want to i guess i could post it up here though its not like any of my usual stuff ( manga etc) but if youre interested i guess i could :D
what did i get for my birthday ? well random stuff , i got a few ps3 games , a metal bike stand for holding my camera ( SO MUCH EASIER NOW AHHHHH) like a sherlock dvd and some pencils - not really typical for the "sweet sixteen" but in England 16 means nothing really its 18 where we go crazy
Anyways theres a surprise in my next youtube vidoe ill post a journal when its up but i just want to build up the suspense! its my 10000 subscriber video so theres something special planned !

anyways thank for all the support the happy birthdays !
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What pencils do you use? And what do ya use to in your drawings? And on elast question lol where did you learn to draw manga/anime? Sorry for all the questions lol  I'm on fire! I'm being abducted! 
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i use :Steadler club noris coloring pencils

caran d'ache water colors

WHsmith water color pencils

ive heard prisma colors are good too :) but they are expensive and no problemo , i learnt out of practice that is it no school or anything 

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Thanks!!!!! :D And thats awesome... I guess i should start practicing to be as good as the great POLAARA!!! A LEGEND OF ART! lol
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Your birthday is one day before mine! :D lol XD
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I would love to see ur other drawings u do at school ^^
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Arrr... don't worry, at my 16th birthday nothing big happened too xD It was the most boring one I ever had... man man and I thought there would be more fun lol but heyyy.... I can do that later xD some people go all out a lot later when they get 50 or something, so it's not too late yet xDDDD
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haha yeah i never thought of it as a big celebration :D
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That's good :D cause I did and got disappointed :P
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:)im gonna say it agen anyway.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! You are an amazing artist that I would truly like to become friends with! May all your awsome birthday wishes still come true....and good exam results as well!:D
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thank you ! and i really hope so !
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Happy Birthdayy!! :D
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Happy birthday!! (i gave you a llama earlier :)) & i totally know what you mean about the exams as well... :[ I wont really get to celebrate my birthday this year b/c of them either (for my school system, there's some tests we're able to take to earn college credit, and of course they're right next to my birthday so i'll have to study through it.. X[ ). oh well, i hope you're birthday's awesome!! & great job on all of your art!! :D
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thank you ! and yeah they are SO stressful :( good luck on yours hope you do well ! xx
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Thanks, and I hope you do weel on yours too! & your welcome!! hope you had an awesome day! :D
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Happy birthday!! And I would like to see what u do in Ur art class so can u post Ur work please
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sure ok ill do that thanks for letting me know xx and thank you !
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Haha!! Well, we're quite in the same situation.. DAmn exams!!
Very good happy birthday full of success!!
At least now, I know you're older than me! :D ^^
Can't wait to see more of your art! :iconloveloveplz:
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ARRG i know they are such a pain! :icononitiredplz:
BUT WE SHALL LIVE ! :D thank you ! it was full of lots of cake and calories !
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Haha!! Cake!! The best birthday is the one you become fat!! XD Yay~~
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happy birthday! have a great one!
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thank you !! i did :D
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Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day!
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