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Realistic Eye Drawing

New drawing!! woo! yeah I know it's been so long but I've got a few videos and tutorials planned now and I'm really hoping to post more often - starting with this youtube video! Also I know I've drawn eyes before but I really tried with this one and I guess its interesting to see my progression with coloured pencils... plus realism is a real challenge for me. Though there are many characters I plan to draw soon :D thanks for all the continued support everyone. Enjoy the video!! 

Also if you're wondering why the pupil seems abnormally large is because the reference was a child's eye , it is actually how they were able to capture the crazy detail in the pupil and the colour changes that were happening (brown to blue etc)
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That's so beautiful
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That's just Great!!! Very cool 
SwaggBunny's avatar
... Why am I alive....
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How do you do that?? The lighting effect is just do.... Wow!!
its like a friggin photo..... xD :o
loisshadow's avatar
Woah I Love this
Linu-Altair's avatar
Fantastic work...
BonifacioAndres's avatar
what coloring materials did you use? Beginner here.
Batsful's avatar
awesome work ! 
the color is blended nicely 
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really awesome eye! I should try to make one like this~
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Another nice eye, excellent job.
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You're welcome. :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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Your really good artist👍🏻
Aquamarine3456's avatar
Wow love the detail of this eye you draw here👍🏻
ZukiniBoy8's avatar
Nice colors and details! Hope I can become as good as you at drawing! Keep it up!
CodeJG's avatar
Wow thats nice drawing i like the way you color it :)
LadyJuxtaposition's avatar
Holy smokes, even the details on the eye and the iris, extremely breathtaking! Lovely work! :D 
OxymoronRockett's avatar
Wooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DAS PURTY!!! Love the transition from brown to blue and back...... Lets just hope it doesnt cause a white and gold or black and blue dress scenario.... 
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I've already seen it on Youtube and I'm still amazed once again :)
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Love the range of pencils and colors you used ^^
OddWorld997's avatar
Breathtaking!!! *.*
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