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Untitled 23
i was afraid i would lose him to the ocean
she had stories
she knew things and whispers and secrets
only i could wish for.
he was always curious
wanting to know all.
it was only a short while until
he told me loved me
but he also wanted to love the ocean
i waved him goodbye
and he chuckled
pulling me into the ocean with him.
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 4 0
SW 101
As with all fictional characters
With all deities and half ones
You come for a purpose
to cause chaos
to fix something that isn't broken
to show a new path.
Then you leave.
But the question is,
when are you going to leave?
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 0 0
SW 100
is not entering during the sad time
and bringing it up.
Love is,
being in the middle of a song
that's not finished,
and helping bring it to completion.
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 2 1
Sun Wizard
You are a sun god,
posing as a wizard.
Here to help all who would accept it,
and to be that person
who puts a smile on everyone's face.
With all gods,
and wizards too.
The best should always be shared,
the greatest exclaimed in poetic stanzas,
to any who and all who would listen.
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 1 2
Untitled 408
Here I thought,
this was the end all.
They say you settle down eventually,
that the fire burns out,
and you just stop.
But then again,
it's easy to start back up,
if you have  gasoline.
And you were the gasoline,
to my dying fire,
and I was ready to watch you,
burn others,
as long as you helped me burn.
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 2 4
Untitled 409
It was you behind the window,
the cigarettes flakes were
always getting under my glasses
as I sat in the back seat
front window open.
I felt alive.
Sitting in that situation
the cold air burning my lips
my face
and it burned,
when we got background music
of some thing rhythmic
and I thought
this was how it felt to be real
And then I got on one knee
and you said no
because it wasn't for you.
You never felt the burning for me
the passion
that I felt for you.
But it was still there.
Even if you said no.
And I let it go...
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 1 1
It has been five days or more
since have i have blessed my words upon this site
i have not capture or taken that it is mine
and i have sit here being left behind
i will be the girl that will kiss you and say
perhaps maybe
one day some day.
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 1 2
Untitled 24
They talk about finding your forever
in a person that you love.
Some say it's a myth
some say it's true.
But I think I found my forever,
right here with you.
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 2 2
Untitled 23
trying to live it up,
but at twenty three with a dead end job
with the inability to go any further
it's like it's the end of the line.
everyone's doing better
having their babies
moving on out with their significant other.
and here i am
twenty three
woe is me as I try not
spontaneously combust
under the pressure that is put on me.
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 1 1
Untitled 204
I don't remember writing you a love poem,
and you my dear,
deserve hundreds upon hundreds.
You should be greeted every morning
with whispers and sighs of how I love you
and to the degree.
I suppose though,
that with those whispers and sighs
sounds of pleasure and that of laughter
I tell you how much I love you.
When I smile into your eyes
and willingly make myself open to you
I suppose that is showing love as well.
Kissing you with the lips that are trying
trying so desperately to learn a language you love.
As I say "Please," and "kiss me" over and over
until you teach me new words
to repeat and get hugs and smiles of happiness from you.
Regardless of how much I try and show you I love you
I feel that my words cannot suffice.
It'd take every romance novel and movie
every love song and then some more to show you the love I feel.
I've always disbelieved in the idea of soul mates.
when you think the same thing
agree too easily
again and again.
That's a soul mate.
Someone who is the sa
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 2 3
Untitled 23
I've written at least half a dozen
poems describing the little things.
Your keys and the way you walk.
Your hair and the way you drive.
The things we did
like cuddling real close
and being very cute.
But here's another,
because we aren't close right now.
You're sleeping in your bed made for one,
and I'm sleeping in a bed made for two.
So I'm writing a poem
to poke at loneliness and tell him to go away
he's not welcomed tonight.
And it's a poem to tell you
in words you'll never see
that it's been a long time
and nothings changed.
If the past years were erased
and I saw your face
I'd do the same thing.
I'd come up to you and say something.
I'd get your number I'd ask to see you again.
And maybe we'd still come the mutual agreement,
because that's what it was.
Maybe this time though
it'd be more of a forever thing
and loneliness would never be either of ours
bedfellow again.
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 2 4
Untitled 21
Once I wrote poems about how I feel today
and that was a few years ago.
They were about how I missed your face
the feel of you next to me.
How I felt that we were good for each other
but we were never going to be together.
I wrote about how I missed you
and the little things you did.
I find myself relating to those poems.
You still put your keys hooked to your pocket.
Your wallet and phone,
they go in the same pocket they did three years ago.
The way you walk and the way you talk,
it hasn't changed much since then.
It had been a year and a half since I saw you last,
and it wasn't on good terms.
But the minute I was around you
I fell back in the same patterns
that I fell back into the last time.
I knew what not to do,
I remembered what you liked and didn't.
We still slept the same together
felt the same together.
We could sit in comfort,
and I could be around you and not feel awkward
or always wonder what my limitations were.
It was like we never broke up.
We've been together the whole
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 1 3
Untitled 20
I thought about it
how you would be if you had a child.
I could imagine me
being in a hospital bed
drenched with sweat from labor
and you holding our baby girl.
A child that we had worked to create.
You smiled,
your whole world would be wrapped around her;
taking care of her
creating the best world for her.
But that image quickly changed
because I know there's always the possibility
that it won't be how I pictured.
You'll end up with a girl,
a lady,
who's better than me in all the ways that I wish I could be.
But I still see you
in a hospital room
holding a baby in your arms and smiling
because that is the most precious thing to you.
And that's okay,
because it means you're happy with
someone that isn't me.
But you're happy,
and that's the best part of it all.
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 1 1
Untitled 19
Today I found a paper
I said I wanted to marry you,
a boy I barely knew.
It's been five years since then
and I've gone through three other boys
and I thought maybe
maybe I'd marry each one
with varying degrees of seriousness.
Now I'm here today,
no boy
or girl for that matter.
I see no plans to marry anyone.
I see no plans to even date anyone,
because when you think you found someone
it can be exciting and thrilling.
But sometimes time changes that
and you didn't find the person that'd stay with you
for ever and ever,
but you did find someone that changed you,
and maybe that's all it's about;
constant changes.
I'm okay with this,
the whole looking back at how silly
we were
I was.
It reminds me that things do change
and maybe once again I'll feel that way.
Maybe I will find someone who truly is
"the love of my life,
the person I want to marry."
:iconpola-444:Pola-444 3 4
Winter Times 13 by Pola-444 Winter Times 13 :iconpola-444:Pola-444 1 4 Winter 2013 by Pola-444 Winter 2013 :iconpola-444:Pola-444 1 4

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River of time
In the endless sea of blackness,
I wonder what is out there.
Waiting for anyone brave enough to,
Go out there and fall in to its trap
In the endless sea of blue,
I often wonder what can be hidden.
Hoping for anyone to go and find it,
So that it can hid something else.
In the endless river of time
I wait for my day to finally come.
Waiting and wondering and holding on,
For that day when I finally fall
The river will take us all away,
The river will always show us the way.
Even if its not where we wanted,
We still travel down the same old river of time.
In the endless sea of green,
I often hope that something is there.
Something that will help people see,
That there's more to life then just anger and hate.
In this endless sea of color,
I find myself being swept along.
Not knowing where I go, not caring are all,
Just waiting for my time.
The river will take us all away,
The river will always show us the way.
Even if its not where we wanted,
We still travel down the same old river of time.
:iconmewtootim:mewtootim 1 3
Why I do bother
Why do I bother,
Why do I try,
To live life calmly,
In this insane world.
I try to live life,
Day to day,
Not worrying about,
The problems tomorrow.
Tomorrow never comes,
So why even bother,
Why even try,
To worry about those problems,
That never come by.
:iconmewtootim:mewtootim 1 3
moon star midnight sky
The moon the stars and the midnight sky.
I look up to them from where I lie.
A sight so beautiful from the grass.
As I think of moments pass.
What have I learned from journeys past.
That life can go ever so fast.
I think I think I do not know.
The past I have forgotten so long ago.
The friends I cherish so very much,
and the dreams that I see, I can not touch.
For I am only a lonely boy.
My friends think of me as there personal toy.
Though my friends do care for me.
But that is some thing that I can not say and they can not see.
My heart is slowly shrinking and does not grow.
To them that is something that i do not show.
The moon with its gentle grace.
Shows me the challenges that I must face.
Time is moving, and I stand still.
This I see makes me ill.
Each step I take is of a turtles pace.
I must be the rabbit and make haste.
The my future is the sky that is so dark.
No one tells me and I do not hark.
The darkness is so eerie.
Like my future that makes me dreary.
Darkness to be lost m
:iconeternal-deep-vex:eternal-deep-veX 6 12
Tears of hope fall from the sky
Like stars do from heaven.
And as the world darkens
The angels loose their wings
Of purity.
Their badge of all that is
Good and stable in the world.
Fertile land is replaced with
the destruction of humanity.
A mark of carelessness as a
Result of societys insensitivity
and arrogance for that of nature.
A black world now co-exists
With that of the human race.
The earth now decayed and dead
Remains of our so called civilisation.
Mother Earth in turn has turned
It's back on us.
We excessively use the resources
And now we pay severly.
Dooms day or Armageddon
But commonly called the
End of the world.
The polls have melted and
The ozone layer is thin,
Now we drown in a pool
Of our own stupidity.
:icon4s4kn:4s4kn 1 7
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This is obviously my collection of favorite things. =] I hope you browse through it and find somethings you enjoy as well


I cannot really comment on technique really, because I don't know much about technique. However, this image captured my attention out o...

This has been sitting in my favorites for a while, and it struck my attention tonight. I find that re evaluating this makes me fall in ...

This is a stunning photo! The title is also quite amusing. The lighting in this piece is different from a lot of other duck/swan photos...



Hi, I'm still Nicole.

I would love if you talked to me, left me comments, said hi. Thanks


Winter rhapsody by woxys Winter rhapsody :iconwoxys:woxys 2,806 250
Welp, another birthday on deviantart has passed. 12 years is a long time. That's almost half of my life at this point. What a terrifying thought. 
Anyways, I'm still here. I still check out #devart , and as you can tell, I still post random drunk poetry. I honestly think that my social media will accurately show my life to any who wanted to see. How, terrifying as well.. 


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Rawr. If you're reading this, you should actually be in my gallery looking at all my awesome work. ;)

I've been on dA for eleven years now and it's constantly changing. It's always the place I come back to.

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Is it finally Spring? 

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