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Quest Board


Quest Board

Main Quest: The Star Sisters As most of you know by now, our main quest at camp is to free the seven nymph sister that are trapped in celestial bodies. However, even though this quest takes top priority, we can't ignore the other quests that might come up. If you have not heard of our main quest yet, read over Hermes message here: http://inkymomma.deviantart.com/journal/Herme-s-Message-to-Camp-Divide-596168910 Plot Related Quests Orion's Belt: Orion is the reason the seven nymph sisters are now up above in the sky as twinkling stars. The goal is to return them back to their bodies, while keeping them safe as well. Since Orion is the cause f
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I am a somewhat patient person, go ahead and comment mean things see if I care >.> Right now I am slowly working on a project that's a comic, It will be called 'Mutiny' and note I am a terrible speller and I get annoyed when people correct my spelling because I miss spell things so often I see my spelling being corrected more times then I can handle. I love doing art trades so ask away :D also when I get bored I tend to become a bit annoying so just be aware of that XD Also if I say anything that offends you I'm sorry but I tend not to think before I speak.... well in this case comment :P(TBH it mentions this in my zodiac sign O.o) You will most likely see me online very late at night in the summer cuz I'm a night owl XD and I'm talking like 4 or 5am here not the silly 1 or 2am XD I'm part of many fandoms like Pokemon, Avater: The Last Airbender, DC comics, MLP FIM. I like watching TV shows, for cereal if I might be late at uploading an art trade it's probably cuz I'm watching my show XD I'm also a gamer but I'm poor so I will most likely had watched a game being played then played it myself :( Okki, BYE!!

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To Improve On In Art:

1. Perspective drawings.
2. Textures.
3. Anatomy.
4. Deeper Shading.
5. Highlights.
6. Humans.
7. Fur and Hair.
8. Water colour technique.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Any artist that can draw a wolf.
Favourite Movies
How to Train A Dragon (1 and 2)
Favourite TV Shows
OITNB, A ton of anime, MLP: FIM, Pokemon, Avater: The Last Airbender
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
HollyWood Undead
Favourite Books
The Inheritance Cycle
Favourite Writers
Riordan and Paolini
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Portal, Fantasy Life, Minecraft
Favourite Gaming Platform
3DS or PC
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Pen, Pencil Crayons(Hoping for some copic markers one day)
Other Interests
Animals, gaming, T.V show binge watching, Anime, Books, FOOD!

When is a Joke Not a Joke?

When is a Joke Not a Joke?

I know I've been pretty much dead on here but I've not been very artsy these past couple months and I don't know why. However something happened at school that I need to vent about so I decided that I'll do a little story thingy so in joy: When is a joke not a joke? Friends joke around all the time, call each other names, pull chairs out from under each other and all this is fine. They are friends after all and its all just jokes. However what about if three friends decide to prank one friend(who may or may not be a girl having her red conversation so it's not her best week). It's a simple prank, they leave to go to the bathroom, the others

QandA Tag

QandA Tag

Tagged by oswinter (https://www.deviantart.com/oswinter) ♡ gender:  Female ♡ sexuality: Bisexual ♡ height: IDK... Umm.. 5'6 or something?? O.o ♡ eye colour: Green ♡ hair colour: Brown ♡ relationship status: Single ♡ favorite colour: Green :D ♡ favorite song: IDK changes almost everyday :P ♡ favorite band / artist: Hollywood Undead <3 ♡ favorite you-tuber: RoseEllenDix and ZoeyProasheck ♡ favorite food: Lasagnia ^.^ ♡ favorite family member: My dogs ^.^ ♡ favorite bird: Blue Jay ♡ favorite animal: WOLF!! ♡ favorite celebrity: Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp ♡ favorite

Tagged Q+A

Tagged Q+A

Tagged by: Haroyami (https://www.deviantart.com/haroyami) Name: Pokyzard. I'm thinking of copyrighting the name :P There shall only be one Pokyzard and I am the original!! Zodiac Sign: Aquarius all the way baby!! Sleeping Hours: School Days: I go to sleep around 10-12ish and wake up at 7. During Summer: I got to sleep at around 1-4 and wake up at 12-2 :P Opinion on summer: Hot af. I mean come on! My igloo is melting!(I live in Canada) The only good thing about it is the vacation away from school but that only lasts 2 months :( School: Pointless, useless, life waster, stress giver, life ruin-er, the real Hell. Last Thing you googled: "Aquarius Fairy Tail"-Images Favorit

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I don't want to bother but I saw you were looking for a Steven Universe roleplay group few months earlier
:iconbrowndiamondempire: is open to members - we draw and roleplay! 

I really don't mean to sound like some advertisement I swear I'm nice n I'd love to RP and do collabs with your own steven universe OCs in the empire
Thanks for telling me. I might look into joining when I'm free :)
Take your time 
I'm glad you've considered it :0
Thank you so much for the fave :)
Hi there! I appreciate the llama badge! :wave: