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Skyllian-Five Poker

By pokketmowse
Game night aboard the Normandy. It's actually quite competitive. Tali likely has the best poker face. Legion just has no face.

I'll probably re-do this later. So it's less...crappy.

(I reuploaded it with a different background so more people would get the reference. Haw.)
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Well legion dose have the eye flaps and tali ...ya the mask probably blocks everything.
AdmiralMacLoud's avatar
It reminds me of Star Trek: TNG. Enterprise crew playing poker. I like this a little better though.
ZachValkyrie's avatar
Wait a minute, is Legion a card-counter?
kylemon73's avatar
I just realized something about mass effect, humans are the only species with hair or five fingers
LordadmiralDrake's avatar
Not true for the fingers.
The asari have 5, also the Drell (somehow)
The asari, batarians and drell (kind of). If it comes to hair there are quarians... But I will never accept this "photo" from ME3 as canon.
kylemon73's avatar
Drell have five fingers but four digits
Vert8472's avatar
Legion: Coming to Consensus about folding
CaptainPrower's avatar
Shep's the reason all nightclubs on the Citadel have Krogan bouncers.
TweediestJ4K3's avatar
All my favorites
bioghosty4's avatar
Dragon101k's avatar
Legion wins ALL!
artyom2013's avatar
artyom2013's avatar
Good thing Herbert Moon isn't there, racist old coot
JustxSomexNerd's avatar
Lets face it Tali and Legion have the best poker faces
AdmiralMacLoud's avatar
That's cause you can't read their faces. However reading BODY language is a different story. I'm sure that's how Quarians know how the other is feeling.
Still, Legion can control himself completely. I bet he puts more effort in expressing himself than in not doing it...
TrreisyWhiteWolf's avatar
... I have a distant memory of dogs playing poker. why?
Youshihunter's avatar
I just realized that too
mordinsolus22's avatar
This is... amazing. Thank you.
NamelessManic's avatar
Tali's poker face and Legion is counting cards!
ranisdeguery's avatar
Nope. Tali's pokerface is extremely bad - reflections on her mask! =D
Adeviantman's avatar
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