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I don't know why Shepard uses an old computer instead of a holo-screen or something.

Whatever. I was totally making calibration jokes before they went mainstream, psh.
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Wonder if they have some of...  Marauder Shields.
This is fantastic. Love all the Mass Effect characters...
Legion didn't even stay. He had probably seen everything by now XD Like: "Consensus reached: Not again. Addendum: The best way to avoid mental scarring is to GTFO ASAP"
Out of curiosity, which character was hardest for you to draw? My guess would be Legion.
Legion is an artist's nightmare. The hole. THE GODDAMN HOLE.
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Everything about this makes me happy. Especially the parts that make me kinda sad
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sorry jacob that bioware turned you into a cheating douche
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hahaha, so true. Being sexy isn't enough for us girls. You got to have personality boy! 

Thane and Zaeed ... my loves. (and Garrus too of course) 
Yeah. Jacob with his abs lost to a bird man, a depressed fish, a scarred merc, a flashlight, duh, he even loses if paired with an old lizard and a turtle-crocodile-frog-clone baby. An adult baby. Everyone is a more interesting LI than this cheater.
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She didn't mention Kasumi though either..
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She was in all the pictures. She was just invisible.
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Still LOLing at this.  I mean really...this is just howling funny.  I think Garrus' reactions are the best, followed very closely by Tali and Legion.  And...sigh...poor Jacob.
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Yeaahhh! I love how you interpreted everyone's reactions, but I especially love Samara's! "ALL of that is against the code!"
I died laughing (probable)!
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Now this is some serious and well-done work.  You've managed to indict and amuse everyone involved.
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love the Varren
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That's the truth, Jacob. That's...yeap, about right.

Laughed way too loud at this. Brilliant. And kinda sad...but mostly funny. Like 90% funny . 10% sad. Or 98% funny, 1% sad and 1% more funny.
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lol Jacob no one likes him.
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Zaeed is da man! :iconawesomezaeedplz:      Love them all :clap:
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This is fucking great XD Their reactions are spot-on!
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XD This is great!
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