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Groovin' Garrus Animation

By pokketmowse
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Done in Flash CS5 for no damn reason
Also here is some crap-quality gif
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I am so happy this exists :3
I can't actually remember how the hell I got here, but I'm glad I did.
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I love this too much..... 

I wonder if hes dancing because hes got a bunch of girls who like him but doesnt care, he got a new sniper, or he finally finished calibrations... Either way... This is Perfect...... 
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garrus come on down you have won a brand new car
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Ummm...I need to have this!
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May want to credit the music source though. I've heard that song on the game show, The Price is Right.
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This is a great gif, but the music makes it perfect
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This is my favorite GIF of all time... Hehe. tem icon 
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My life is now complete lol. 
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you mean like ain't give a calibration
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thats how i feel sometimes lol i love it:dancingkid2: 
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i think he is out of fucks to give.

allso this is me when i headshot a banshie to death
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I'm commander Shepard and this is my favourite gif in Deviant Art
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is this usable on our userpages as like a webcam or a gif??
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OMFG this made my night. I laughed so hard XD
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Garrus in the rain. No fucks given.
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I totally was not expecting that music when I clicked on this...XD
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Lol! What song is this, please?!
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The Price Is Right
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Atleast he dances better then Comander shepard
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