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Dutch-CannonFodderHobbyist Traditional Artist
So this is where that 'murika meme image came from.
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Someone at a fireworks company in China clearly appreciates your artwork: cabel.me/2016/07/04/4th-of-jul…
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pokketmowseProfessional Filmographer
Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention!
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en chile hay gordos pero no tanto....ja ja ja, ese sujeto está lleno de ira y la ley le garantiza su derecho legimo a portar armas....malditos gringos, lo único bueno que han hecho son los simpsons.
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fuzz3KnavelHobbyist General Artist
*cue the song America Fuck yeah*
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So this is the source of MUH GUNS, MUH FREEDOM...
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Oddly enough machineguns are actually quite difficult to procure legally in America.
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shruglordHobbyist Digital Artist
The only thing missing from the image is a big ole cross somewhere on him, and cigarettes. Everything else is spot-on!
AdrianFarenheitTepes's avatar
I worry about the future of this country. :nuu:
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nahdawgStudent General Artist
you should do every country lol
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You're on the front page of Know Your Meme... admittedly in thumbnail, but still awesome
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Subject--DeltaStudent Traditional Artist
hey its the fat person from happy wheels. lol. nice job.
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XxThatCreepyGirlxXHobbyist General Artist
Don't forget the poorly-spelled Tea Party sign and the Jesus fish! xD
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ArtChicken144Hobbyist Filmographer
yep that's your average amurikan
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Are those bullet shells or cigarettes?
MooMooDan's avatar
They're bullets that double as cigarettes.
mermaidbelle's avatar
Haha. Okay. Someone posted this picture on facebook. Luckily the artist watermarked their picture so I can track it down and I think they look like bullet shells but everyone says they are cigs.
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WorldSailor Digital Artist
Great image!
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sums us up in one move, nice job
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devilturnip360Hobbyist Interface Designer
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gufu1992Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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You can just smell the sweet sweet freedom in the air
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