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February 22, 2020
Make this count, Violetpaw! by pokituu
Featured by TsaoShin
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Make this count, Violetpaw!

EDIT Feb 22/20:// THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE DD!!!! the support and love this piece has gotten is mind blowing! Thank you so much everyone ;___;


this was a school assignment... actually we had to make a book cover, so the composition has a bit of a gap in the middle to accommodate the spine of the book.... laid out without any text or titles though makes it look a little odd, so sorry about that. the fact that the water came out looking like water at all is a miracle honestly and i'm really specifically proud of the water towards the left side. this took probably a total of 20 hours to complete? maybe less idk. i added a touch more realism into the style for this bc i think for a book cover for a class, my normal style is a bit too stylized but i mean it's still kinda pretty stylized. shattered sky is my favourite main series warriors book and i've wanted to draw this scene for 5ever. i would have liked to have made needletail a bit more beat up looking but..... book cover.... for class.......... bad idea probably. anyways got an exam tomorrow but this week is the last of this semester thank god i need a Break ny'all

** if you would like to use this in a video, as an icon, or something or whatever then feel free, just please credit me

you can download to see details but be warned the file is a Beast
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Person: 911 what's your emergency?

Me: Hello, m y e y e s a r e b l e e d I n g f r o m s h e e r f o r c e o f h a p p I n e s s

love this so much, it got me back into warriors again

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Kiba like this one ☝️(Kiba is my best friend)

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Don't read warrior cats but I love it!
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O.o it’s... beautiful...
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This is amazing! Nicely done!
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Please tell me how to paint like that. This art is beautiful.

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;-; How do you draw/paint like that? I'm horrible at drawing warrior cats. Mine are flipping stick figures. Literally, check my art ;-;.

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AWWW well the honest answer that everybody hates to hear is practice! I've been drawing for years and years and years, basically every day to get where I am now. Honestly if you showed this drawing to 12 year old me and said "hey look this is what you're gonna be able to draw eventually" then kid me would probably perish on the spot. Man I remember being an 8 year old artist who's art didn't look good yet. And I remember sitting on the toilet one day crying my eyes out because I just realized that everything around me has shading and I didn't know how to SHADE!!! at all!!! I felt so terrible I didn't know how to make my art look good, none of the art in my head ever came out how I wanted. But you just gotta practice practice practice! everyday! draw whats around you, draw in your spare time, keep a sketchbook with you all the time and draw draw draw!

I have a video that showcases my art journey from when I started doing digital art up until 2015. So this video is now 5 years outdated but still has art from when I was a kid. You can't get good in just one day, it takes a lot of time. It can be frustrating, but its always fun to make something that didn't exist before.…

as for painting, there's plenty of tutorials to be found here on DA! There's a lot of different ways to paint digitally, generally I do my paintings all on one merged layer. I don't see any digital art in your gallery, idk if you've ever drawn digitally before. If you really want to pursue art then I recommend purchasing a drawing tablet. You can get a cheap one for around $30 these days. if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask! ^_^
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Thanks for the reply. I have gotten a little better, and there have been times where I’ve beat myself up cause I can’t draw or paint very well. Is there any type of drawing tablet you recommend? I have $25 for Amazon because August 12th was my birthday. I might get more money for Amazon.

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This is awesome!!
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Wonderful work! :)!!!

Congratulations on your much deserved, DD! :clap:!!!

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Such a cute pool party! Looks like they spilled a little punch in the pool :eyes:

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This is so beautiful!! I hope you get a good mark for it because this looks fantastic! The composition is lovely and the water looks amazing honestly.
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AAAAA this is beautiful! The poses, shading, background, everything is perfect <3 Probably one of the best warriors fanart I’ve ever seen c:
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woah, this is beautiful!
This scene made me cry, ngl.
Also you have a new watcher!
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This is great but I think needletail is a lil bit small, and not looking very drowned, but besides, THIS IS AMAZING!!!
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Boi ! this is amazing !! :0
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I absolutely NEED this as a print. Please let me know if you're ever going to sell prints! Meanwhile I will continue admiring this masterpiece ;w;
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