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Changes in the Wind
    It had been an interesting evening, On Ji had to admit. The dance party was a rather nice way to spend time, and strangely, the risk she was taking made it seem even more attractive to her, for some reason.
    Of course, now that everybody was scattering in order to get away from the authorities (what a bunch of sour-faced jerks!), she was thinking that, in the future, she would be more careful when she took risks.
    “So now what do we do?” Aang asked, following her as the two snuck through the town, staying in the back alleys.
    “Well, we could…” On Ji started, only to shake her head. “No! Never mind…”
    “What is it?” Aang asked, tilting her head in a puzzled manner.
    “Never mind. It’s a stupid idea, we should just keep doing this.” On Ji said, crouching into one of the alleys
:iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 13 0
Azula's Down To Earth Royalty by Pokingaround Azula's Down To Earth Royalty :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 54 15
Opal's Last Night in Zaofu
An AB request written by Leoryff
Opal Beifong was leaving home tomorrow.  She’d decided to join the airbenders and Korra.  This was going to be her last night in Zaofu for a long time… maybe years.  She and her mother wanted to make it one to remember.  So, they decided to have one last session of Opal’s… “personal hobby”.  
Opal met her mother in the appointed place, an inconspicuous hallway in the sprawling mansion they called home.  “Were you followed?”  Suyin asked.  
Opal shook her head.  “What about you?  What’d you tell dad?”  She asked.  
“Oh, just the usual.”  Suyin smirked.  “’Lots of paperwork that I need to catch up on!’”  
“Thanks mom.”  Opal wrapped her in a quick hug.  “Ready when you are!”
With some quick movements, Suyin bent the metal wall behind them, making i
:iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 12 2
Locked In
    A/N: If you want a timeline, this (AU) occurs in “The Chase.”
    “Mughh… wha?” Katara muttered, shaking her head as consciousness slowly returned. Judging from how she felt, she might have been out for a few hours.
    Of course, the second thing that she saw was the metal room that she was trapped in, waking her up entirely very quickly.
    “What?!” She said, quickly turning her head around. The room looked about half the size of one of the igloos back home; while it was big enough to hold her, it was maybe half a dozen square feet to a side. When she tried to pull her hands down, she realized that they were currently strapped to the ceiling by a pair of metal chains, and while they were long enough that she could touch the floor, they were also just short enough to make sure that she couldn’t move more than a foot without hitting the limit. And then, s
:iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 41 2
Death by Pokingaround Death :iconpokingaround:Pokingaround 45 3


AT Diana by PrincessPolly63
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AT Diana :iconprincesspolly63:PrincessPolly63 72 1
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“You’re certain that Molly’s doing fine?” Michael asked, tilting his head.

Charity nodded. “She’ll be moving back in at the end of the week, remember. I’m helping her get everything sorted out - do you think that you could take the van again today and drop everyone off?”

Michael smiled. “Of course, dear. Go help our daughter.”

Charity just nodded.

“I will.”

The form of help that Charity was giving her daughter Molly, though, wasn’t exactly what Michael had in mind. Molly Carpenter, had, originally, left her family behind at their house to have some time to herself, and to get in touch with a more… “heretical” part of herself. It had mostly been teen rebellion, too, but she had REALLY wanted out of her house so that she could finally let out her inner self.

Her inner self was a lot younger than anyone except her and God had imagined it would be.

She knew her father would always be willing to accept her, no matter what… But her mother was a different story. Charity could be… strict, at the best of times, no matter how much she cared for her family. Molly knew, deep in her heart, that she’d never be willing to live out her fetish as long as she lived with her - and after she’d gotten her invitation to CAPCon for next year, she just couldn’t take it anymore.

So she’d moved out, started talking to her friends in Chicago more, and bought a package of adult diapers from the local pharmacy late at night while blushing madly the entire time. And after she’d gotten back and finally had time to herself in her lone apartment, Molly’s first move had been to get herself diapered up, into a onesie, and to fall asleep sucking her thumb in littlespace, wishing she had someone there to take care of her.

After she’d come back from CAPCon, she’d gotten her wish.

By having her mother somehow meet her inside her apartment, after Molly had waltzed in with a skirt, a T-shirt reading “I’m just one big baby”, and a diaper on, and after the resulting discussion they’d had over Molly not having enough money to pay her rent on time for the last few months, the crib and diapers that had been in plain sight in her room, and her fetish...

Well, simply put, Molly Carpenter’s life these days had become a mixture of heaven and hell.

“Ugghhhww…” Feeling herself wake in the crib that had been her bed for a few months now, Molly Carpenter muttered to herself as feeling slowly returned to her body.

A body that didn’t seem to have woken up at the same time as her brain did, for some reason.

Oh God, mom must have put my sleeping medicine in my bottle yesterday! I knew that something tasted funny! And indeed, though Molly hadn’t known it at the time, that was what Charity had done, to ensure that her daughter would get a full night of sleep… and also to make sure that Molly wouldn’t wake up while she added a new feature to her crib. Yesterday, Charity had found Molly preparing breakfast for herself alone in the kitchen when she arrived, before she even bothered to start making any coffee.

Given that the last time Molly tried to make dinner at the Carpenter house everyone had wound up going out for pizza or puking, Charity decided that she wouldn’t risk that a second time. Hence, after Molly had fallen asleep, she’d brought her back to her crib, and made four new additions.

And that was why now, Molly was currently spread-eagled in her crib, with four sets of handcuffs attached to her wrists, ankles, and above a few of the bulbs.

“Gaghh…” Trying to groan in dismay, Molly realized belatedly that she even had a feeling in her mouth - specifically, the feeling of a gag pacifier, to go with the bondage that was tying her down tightly.

At least the feeling came complete with the sensation of something she loved - a used diaper. “Mmmmm…”  Molly smiled as she wiggled her navel around a little, realizing that she must have wet herself in her sleep. Feeling her body start to reply normally, Molly carefully took stock of her surroundings, to see if her mother had changed anything else while she had been asleep.

Her room was the same as usual, as far as she could tell. Her crib was all barred up, with the lock that had been installed by her mother still there, and the key to let her out hanging on a hook by the door. Her bedwetting chart was hanging right next to it, and Molly smiled a little when she saw all the check marks on it, and more when she saw what day it was - Tuesday. Five days since her mother had discovered her secret - and since they’d made their deal.

One week. I’ll take care of you for one week, and if you can last the entire week and prove to me that this is what you want...

If she could just make it two more days, she’d get to go back home - and her mother would let her take all of her ABDL things back with her and accept what she wanted - and tell her father and siblings that they should as well.

She could strut around her family’s house with a bare diaperbutt and nobody could do anything but tease her. Her mother would pay for her diapers and baby powder and change her when she needed it. But it was pretty clear that Charity really wanted to be sure that this was what Molly wanted… and that she was going to test Molly’s dream of diapers and babyhood by treating her like a baby and humiliating her every day that week.

But this was what she wanted in her heart, more than anything else in the world, and she’d do anything for it. All she had to do was hold out through whatever else her mom had in store for her…

As she unlocked the door to her daughter’s apartment, Charity looked around before she smiled. It was exactly like she’d left it the night before - proof that Molly hadn’t escaped, or tried to give up their deal.

That was good, because she’d actually have been disappointed if her daughter gave up before they even got started today.

The peaceful sensation hanging around the apartment was shattered by a scream from said daughter. “AGRRRH! MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!”

A scream like that, in most households, would have gotten attention.

Charity Carpenter just walked over to the pre-brewing coffee machine she’d set up at the start of the week, which had started brewing half an hour ago, and started pouring herself a cup of coffee as she listened to her daughter shriek her lungs out, demanding that she get to her room that instant and take care of her. Eventually, however, Molly’s screams began to die down, degrading into calls.

“Mum? Awe you thewe?”

After sipping down her cup of coffee, then pouring herself another, Charity finally headed for her Baby Molly’s bedroom.

“Does the baby need her morning change?” Charity asked loudly as she opened the door. Despite the friendly tone she was taking, her eyes were not even remotely friendly as she scanned her daughter.

“YES!” Molly hissed under her breath.

Charity’s voice hardened, to the same extent as her eyes, and any pretense of friendliness she might have had in her right then vanished. “Baby Molly. Are you being rude to your mother?”

The tone Charity was using nearly made Molly’s blood run cold, already remembering what had happened the last time she’d used it that week. She didn’t remove the rage from her mind, or give an apology, but she didn’t hide a wince. “Mom, I think you forgot the baby powder last night. I woke up an hour ago and I’ve got diaper rash.”

“Oh dear! We can’t have that.” Charity’s voice became slightly more friendly as she unlocked and pulled down the crib bars. “I didn’t forget it, sweetie. I left it out.”

“YOU GAVE ME DIAPER RASH?!” Molly screamed, rattling the handcuffs she was tied to.

Charty sighed dramatically as she unlocked the handcuffs on her daughter. “You do remember our agreement, Molly? I have you for one week, and I will put you through every experience that a baby might have-”

“...And if I can undergo it and I still want it, I can be a baby again.” Molly finished.

“Correct. We might not always be able to change your diapers right away, and you’re such a big baby, you’ll go through baby powder and rash cream very quickly. We might not always have some on hand.” Charity finished, carrying Molly out of her room. “So it’s better that we tested it before we committed.”

“Okay, mommy…” Molly eventually muttered.

“Good girl. Now, before we get started today... I’ll ask again.” Charity paused for a second - she was pretty sure she already knew how her daughter would answer. “Do you still want to be an adult baby? Do you still want to wear and use diapers? Are you still willing to, whenever you are at home, become not the oldest, but the youngest, member of your family?”

Molly didn’t hesitate for even a second. “I do want it, mommy. I want to be an adult baby.” She had determination in her eyes as she made her impromptu speech. “I want to wear my diapers, I want to use them, I want to need them - and I do and want to love my diapers.” She didn’t miss a beat. “I want to grow down, and I want to be a baby forever. And if that means I have to be your and dad’s incontinent babbling baby for the rest of my life, I’ll love every day I wake up in my crib to get diapered up.”

Charity breathed out through her nose. She had seen that coming, though not the speech - and as much as she wanted to stop Molly, she’d never be able to get it through her head directly. Her daughter would have to make her own choices. “All right then. Now, then, baby… you shouted at, and were very rude, to your mother back there while I was letting you out of your crib. You were a bad baby girl.”

Molly’s face went white. “WAIT!” She yelped in fear and started to try and free herself, already knowing what was coming.

Charity just kept walking - but she also tightened her grip on her now-squirming daughter. “STOP THAT THIS INSTANT! You do remember our agreement, right, baby?”

Molly went still in less than a second, but it was a tense stillness as she answered in a littlespace-and-fear filled voice. “Daddy and Mommy are in charge… babies have to listen to daddy and mommy and be good…”

“Good. And you didn’t tell mommy or daddy before that, that you wanted to be a baby again.” Charity finished, walking into the kitchen, then pulling out a chair with her foot - and sitting down on it. With Molly still spread over her lap. “You were dishonest, baby Molly. You were a bad baby.”

Molly didn’t reply.

“And what happens to bad babies, Molly?” Charity finished.

Molly was quiet for a few seconds, before she started to murmur quietly.

Charity frowned. “Speak up, baby.”

Molly spoke audibly this time. “Bad babies are punished…”

“Correct. Now, you were already due for your morning spanking, so I think that we’d better get that out of the way first - shouldn’t we?” Charity made a gesture with her finger. Molly knew what it meant for her.

“Yes, mommy…” Obediently, Molly rolled over onto her stomach across her mother’s lap, pulling herself a little further up - and lifting her diapered butt in the air. Charity smiled a little as she reached towards the table, before picking up a spare frying pan outside Molly’s line of sight.

“Now then, let’s get started. Molly, how many swats have you gotten the last four days for your morning spankings?” Charity watched as her daughter tensed up at the question, her butt going rigid - perfect for an extra round of punishment.

“I got thirty spankings every day, at breakfast and bedtime, with your hairbrush, mommy...” Molly remembered well the sting she’d gotten in her butt from that first session on her first day under her mother - and that had been with her behind covered up by her diaper.

“Correct. Now, since you were a bad girl this morning, I think… that’s not going to be enough this time.” Charity, without any warning, reached out and pulled down Molly’s diaper as she drew back the frying pan. Molly didn’t even have time to brace herself as it came down. “ONE!”

“OW!” Without ever consulting her brain, Molly let out a loud shriek of pain as the metal smacked down on her bottom.

“Good…. It looks like your lesson might stick this time. I’m going to count to fifteen, now… count with me, will you? TWO!” Charity brought down the frying pan a second time.

“T-TWO!” Molly managed to gasp out as pain shot through her body, and red blossomed across her butt. As it came down a third time, she couldn’t stop tears from leaking out of her eyes. “Three!” the two said, simultaneously as another strike came down.

“FOUR!” THWACK! Went the frying pan as it came down on Molly’s unprotected butt a fourth time, and this time Molly had to clench her teeth to stop herself from just crying out, instead of crying “FOUR!” This did not go unnoticed by her mother.

“I told you to count with me, Baby Molly.” Charity said calmly, raising the frying pan again. This time, the blows came quickly and close together. “FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT!!” Charity repeated, her daughter barely managing to hiccup out the “six” and “eight” with her mother.

And as all the fury of Charity’s ninth spanking came down on her, the last of Molly’s self-control slipped away, and she started bawling like a baby. “WAAAAAAHHH!!!”

Charity smiled as she continued mercilessly. It seemed that her daughter was finally acting her age… at least, the age she thought that she wanted to be.
Molly Carpenter's Babyfication Transformation PT1
Molly Carpenter's been an ABDL for years, and has been trying to keep it hidden from her family... particularly her mother. And when she's found out by Charity Carpenter, the reaction she gets is both everything she ever hoped for and everything she ever feared...


United States
I originally had no plan to do art beyond writing, but I sort of ended that by deciding to work as a sketch colorer. I can't draw that well, so I color in the white areas instead.

I'm a proud fan of A:TLA and LOK, but I can appreciate other fandoms as well.


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