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Get it? Because his name is Hitmonlee, but he kicks, so....yeah, all right.

Was randomly browsing around when I saw :iconblossomelixir: was starting one of those 151 Pokemon, 151 Artists collaboration things, so I thought it'd be fun to do one. Hopefully that'll fill up. If not, it was fun to draw anyway.

I picked Hitmonlee because he is and forever shall remain the greatest Fighting-type ever to fight a type. I dare you to say otherwise. Also I wanted to draw something with a dynamic pose, since I usually struggle with those. Needed the practice.

Sketched in Photoshop, inked in Manga Studio EX, colored in Photoshop.
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well the dynamic pose worked out that's for sure
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I like it :D
(I miss the first gen soooo much toooooo)
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It was a good bunch. Really all the way up through Gen 3 I loved. Gen 4 is where they started losing me, Gen 5 there are only a handful of Pokemon I even really like.

Now they're coming out with a sixth generation and Pokemon can digivolve and I don't even know what's going on anymore.
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"digivolve" is just ......... :|     KJHDSFLJHSDJKFBDB:FJSDKJCWHAT?!!!!

I know what you mean though.

I do think that..

It IS a good concept/idea to use the different regions as a reason to create new pkmn's, 
it's just the designs are for some reason unfortunately not as 'rich', y'know. Almost have less thoughts put in to 'em.. :(
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I bought White version when it came out, but I didn't get very far. I hope them finally making the leap to 3D will be enough to keep my interest this time around. I always did really like the 3D games.
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Well! I hope it does for ya :)

(I am trying to make Primeape for the chart btw) :D
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Awesome, can't wait to see it finished :)
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Will try 'n finish it tonight... 

and AHHH thanks for the Watch. O___O"
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You're welcome, same to you! :)
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