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Another character concept for my comic idea, "Stylivia" (or whatever I end up calling it). A giant monster Stylivia fights at some point.

Also, thanks for the people who came out and watched the stream while it was going on. First time doing that, and I usually don't like people watching me work, but it was pretty fun.

More to come!

EDIT: Fixed a shading issue on the left arm/claw

Also, here's the recording of the stream where I colored this piece, if you've got a good 2 hours to waste.
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crabpeople crabpeople crabpeople
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First thing that came to mind was: You've got the bad case of crabs.
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I've got crabs of steel
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Giant Enemy Krabby.
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Attack its weak spot for super effective damage
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Attack it's Bulbous booby-spots for critical hit damage
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I want it for Dinner <3
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Haha. This is win!
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Rawrz. Must watch the next one. Didn't have PC access. >.>
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It looks so happy. : D
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Something like that :D
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watching was fun <333

them sexy spots and eyes *3*
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Thanks for dropin' by :D
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The crab looks insane. But in a good way.
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Poo, I missed the stream, but the giant mutant crab makes up for that!
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