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Dragon Robot Concept Silohuete

For Maya II, we're following the Digital Tutorials new training videos that take you through the entire 3D animation process all the way from start to finish.

As their example for the videos they did a robotic spider. We didn't have to do a spider, but it was required to be a robot of some kind with at least four legs. I chose to do a dragon for mine, as I wanted to do something more serpentine (and am clearly a glutton for punishment).

We didn't do the entire concept art process before we began modeling and were only required to make a silhouette, though I'd have liked to make a full on drawing of it.

Probably scrap this later.
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Oh I really like this! Don't scrap it. Develop it, I say!
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looks like a tattoo
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now i see.. i got inb4d..................but well it was the first thing that came on my mind when seeing it :P
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What the hell, you got a fetish for scraping your work or somethin' man? I really like the tail and his head is handsome :love:
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I feel this is more of a scrap, I just wanted some people to actually see it ;A;

And thanks, haha.
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You're doing a game study? .. Inb4 you're from Holland and are on the same school as me, lol. 8D

Anyway, I like the rough concept art. The style makes me think it would be a nice tattoo as well. ;P
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Afraid not, haha :D

And thanks, I sort of thought it looked like a henna tattoo myself :XD:
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Too bad, would be hilarious. :D

Reminds me I still have to find a nice tattoo design for myself. : / Hmm..
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